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Dan dan at aktivix.org
Sun Jun 12 21:32:50 BST 2005

Hi folks,

This came to the SSF contact e-mail. I'm gonna respond for myself, and 
will include the list in. I've been hearing good things about these folk 
- although I won't tell you what he said about SSF on their discussion list!

Edward Maltby <mudmaltby at hotmail.com>
To: schapman at cafod.org.uk, Sheffield at indymedia.org, 
Sheffield at stopwar.org.uk, shefsocialforum at riseup.net, 
jillian.creasy at sheffield.gov.uk, cscsheffield at yahoo.co.uk, 
pandp at sheffield.ac.uk, jheiriss at hotmail.com, info at sharrowcf.org.uk

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Edward Maltby, and I’m currently studying for my A-levels in 
Sheffield. I’m also a member of the Independent Socialist Youth Forum 
(www.isyf.tk), which is a sixth form and university student organisation 
which campaigns on social justice issues.

We have noticed that there are a great number of groups in Sheffield, 
all part of the same movement, all with roughly convergent aims, but who 
do not appear to act very much in firm concert.

What we propose is a meeting between the most prominent Sheffield-based 
social justice groups and campaigners to discuss creating a permanent 
council to co-ordinate co-operation between each other. Ideally, it 
would follow the model of the Make Poverty History campaign, whereby 
hundreds of individual groups joined a single movement to organise a 
dynamic, urgent, high-profile and sustained campaign, to raise awareness 
of global issues and create huge popular pressure on politicians.

The five proposed manifesto points for this group are:

· Furthering the independent media movement
· Protecting the environment locally and globally
· Finding democratic and accountable alternatives for the IMF, WTO and 
World Bank
· Creating a global parliament
· Instituting a Tobin Tax on international currency speculation

Of course, these are only proposals and will have to be discussed and 
possibly changed at future meetings.

A provisional date for the first meeting has been set for the 30th of 
June – but a venue has yet to be booked.

We would like to invite two representatives of your organisation to the 
meeting – and it would be appreciated if you could reply to this email 
to accept or decline this invitation by the 17th of June.

Yours sincerely,

Edward Maltby, on behalf of ISYF

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