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Chris chris at aktivix.org
Mon Jun 13 11:20:39 BST 2005


On Mon 13-Jun-2005 at 09:50:11AM +0000, noone noone wrote:
> I am not sure about these manifesto points:

Yeah I know what you mean...

> > The five proposed manifesto points for this group are:
> >
> > ? Furthering the independent media movement
> >
> > ? Protecting the environment locally and globally

These two are possible bland enough not to provoke

> > ? Finding democratic and accountable alternatives for
> >   the IMF, WTO and World Bank 
> >
> > ? Creating a global parliament 
> >
> > ? Instituting a Tobin Tax on international currency 
> >   speculation

These 3 appear to presuppose a belief in parlimentary
democracy and also that capitalism can be reformed into
something nicer...

> Do they indicate an unparticipative and disempowering
> 'signing up' to a pre-set programe/agenda?

I don't know, they are young, the group has come out of
the anti-war movement -- these are the kids that were
walking out over the start of the war...


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