[ssf] Possible event model fing

Dan dan at aktivix.org
Mon Jun 13 20:20:33 BST 2005


noone noone wrote:

> If the ssf is not going to carry out any actions of it's own but 
> instead allow other groups/individuals to tallk to each other and 
> co-ordinate there own actions then that makes regular meetings 
> redundant.  

Yep - I've argued before that twice-monthly meetings were unnecessary 
unless we were specifically planning for something.  One well-planned 
and well-facilitated meeting is worth ten 'what is this SSF thing 
anyway?' navel-gazing meetings, as long as people know what they're 
doing - and meetings increase in regularity nearer to the event.

> Further, any meeting/day of workshops that becomes too large and 
> difficult to organise will cause so much burn out that any ideas that 
> we come up with we will be too tired to carry out.  So maybe all we 
> need is a twice yearly big open meeting like the one we had that led 
> to the sheffield against G8 group.

Burn-out is always a problem.  Some activists drop away for a while, 
some take up the slack.  Such is the life of anyone who spends their 
spare time beating their head against the system...!

If the full Sheffield Social Forum idea is taken up, I suggest we think 
about how Gothenburg Social Forum did theirs - by getting certain 
organisations to take on responsibility for a particular theme.  See 
for my thoughts on this.  It would minimise burn-out.

And it's great that you're doing stuff but don't want to go to 
meetings!  Doing stuff is great!



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