[ssf] Re:[g8-sheffield] demo - bad news

spodulike at freeuk.com spodulike at freeuk.com
Tue May 24 11:31:15 BST 2005

> So we're allowed to demonstrate in groups of 2 then? Maybe that's
> exactly what we should do. I suspect this could be much more a pain 
> the arse to police than a normal demo. Random pairs suddenly marching

> in the road all over the city without warning might be quite fun.
> steve

It would require a bit of co-ordination, but surely they can't stop 
that at Dev Green. People could wander around town waving banners and 
making noise, all in groups of two and apparently unco-ordinated. Maybe 
have a leaflet to give out making clear what the limits are and how we 
can get round them. I think a mass demo of the non-masses is a top idea:


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