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Thu Jan 19 09:58:25 GMT 2006

There's an interesting discussion about this on the BBC Ouch
(disability) website:

pippa x

On 18/01/06, Mr Jase Malgod <spodulike at freeuk.com> wrote:
> Chris Malins writes:
> > Isn't it possible that the programme could give the impression that the
> > government is experiencing some success with combatting benefit fraud, and
> > therefore encourage people to feel a little more positive about benefits,
> > and to believe that cheats are being dealt with. I think its only fair to
> > check out the way they present it first.
> >
> > Chris
> Yeah it's *possible*, thus it would be good to track down a copy to find
> out. The problem is that all the focus is on benefit fraud, this programme
> and others and successive news stories. People see the cheats being dealt
> with, and if they are more informed know about plans to give people the
> choice of "back into the workplace or we'll cut your benefits". People do
> not see the story of the 98% of people on benefits who are not fraudulent
> and have great difficulties with both life and a system which operates on a
> basis of mistrust.
> Jason
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