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Mon May 1 23:11:05 BST 2006

From: srheywood at ukonline.co.uk


We are interested in compiling a (probably) quarterly listings
calendar/diary/newsletter of peace and peace-related events / meetings
in and around Sheffield, for circulation in paper/email form. We were
wondering if you and/or your group would be interested in spreading
the word, contributing basic information about your activities /
events, an/or distributing copies.

In the first instance we would be aiming to release a fairly hurried
summer 2006 issue, for release around early June, covering events over
June through August. We would then start working more leisurely
towards an autumn 2006 issue, covering September through December. And
so on at quarterly intervals (if useful / feasible!).

We would be grateful if you could:

a) Send expressions of interest, suggestions, offers of help etc.
b) send us a postal and/or email address for copies, and a rough idea
of how many copies you might want
c) send info about events you want to publicise (deadline for this: 21
May - or thereabouts)
d) spread the word to anyone else who might be interested
e) circulate copies when they eventually appear

For each event please state the following:

Date (regular event - first Tuesday of each calendar month, third
Thursday, etc., or one-off date)
Organising group / body
Title / nature / brief description of event
Admission / other charges (if any)
Contact details for further inquiries

With many thanks to all

Simon Heywood (Sheffield Quaker Peace Group)
Steve Marshall (Sheffield CAAT)

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