[ssf] Hack Lab Cooking this Thursday at Matilda

worldwarfree at riseup.net worldwarfree at riseup.net
Tue May 2 12:38:34 BST 2006

Well at least me and The Gumby will be.. Armchair is working i'd guess..
AD not sure and we have a newish person on board d4maths or Tony as they
like to be named so what will we be cooking?

Stir fry, a Gumby special he can cook as well as mend Bikes and other things.

So bring yourself, your own drink (no salt) and we will do the rest there
is a meeting and other events so shall we say about 8.30?

We will make an effort to have the kettle on the boil lots of Tea Coffee
Herbal drinks nice tunes from over 30 albums and just a good vibe.

Your participation has to be agreed to be nice warm friendly and positive
to each other, no bitching, ignorance, disagrements etc..

We hope you can make The Matilda Hack Lab Social and find out what the
people in that room that is so often used as a corridor are really upto,
please be friendly to us as human interaction is not something we do that


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