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    "Oez, seignurs, ke dit Marie,
     Ki en sun tens pas ne s'oblie" -- Guigemar

a) Introduction

How to word this ?

An example:

  Consider me, atom i

    my place, shape and matter

      are tempered to respond

        to social-cultural and other cues, as is
         as is
          any other atom i

           we exist in a field
          of senses,
         signals and noise
         touch and tastes / smells

      i ask that the platonic reader
    will not be mislead in to thinking
          in beginning to draw
     the material form of the atom
     and its position in space-time
           i intend to draw
     my conceptualisation of the Other
         upon the material base of
            the atoms alone

  i begin here
   from an understanding
    any projection
     from any others perspective
      is dependent on she, he or its
      material position
       and wonder if
     this is problematic ?

In *Constructing Quarks*,
  [ Andrew ] Pickering argues:

         "It is unproblematic
          that scientist
          produce accounts of the world
          they find comprehensible:

             given their cultural resources,
             only singular incompetence
             could have prevented members
             of the community
             producing an understandable
             version of reality
             at any point
             in their history.

          given their training
          in sophisticated mathematical techniques,
          the preponderance of mathematics
          in particle physicists' accounts
          of reality
          is no more hard to explain
          the fondness of ethnic groups
          for their own language"

[ John ] Gribbin,
in *Schrodinger's Kittens*
draws this point from Pickering's assertion:

         "In other words,
          the 'mystery' that mathematics
          is a good language
          for describing the Universe
          is about as significant
          as the discovery
           English is a good language
            for writing plays in.

          If world views really are cultural products,
          as Pickering and [ Thomas ] Kuhn argue,
          it should be no surprise
          there are different interpretations
          of quantum reality."

    So, you read my problem --
      how to word this ?

    But it's not me, atom i,
    that's been wording it,
     in recent space-time,
          is it ?

       not at least
     to the extent
     of the other guys,
      the other atom i,
       other scientists,
        mentioned below:

         "The universally acknowledged crucial significance
          of the Cartesian cognito
          in the formation of modern self-understanding
          is a guiding motif of the study.

          It seeks to show
          how the view-point of the cognito
          reinforced by the impact of modern science,
          has inspired the philosophical itinerary
                      [ sequence ]
                 in the course of which
                the traditional conviction
                    the alienated man
                       is the man
                who does not believe in God
                     has given way to
                        the view
                      belief in God
                    a profound source
                   of human alienation.

          This theme is illustrated
          in its development
          in the philosophies of Kant,
          Hegel, Feuerbach and Marx,
          and in its contemporary expression
          in positive Naturalism
          and Existentialism"

           -- Patrick Masterson : Atheism and Alienation

If x is ten,
   x squared is an 'undred,
    as we used to say at school,

      but joking apart
       one can read
    and other wise sense
   how cultural paradigms
     change in history

b) Atomic Projections

Back to the example:

Consider me,
the material projection of atom i,
  worded and pronounced "atoma stoicheia"
     in Greek --
    "indivisible elements"
     in translation :

    Well this element, i, exist,
     and i live in a field:

         and i am deemed to be a separate entity,
         a unit entity,
            with a material shell
            that demarks my boundaries
            within the greater Other,

         and i am deemed to be a whole unit,
          an whole i,
            since any division of the i --
            any bisection of the i
            is as clearly a contradiction
            to the existence of the i
            as is the splitting suggested
            in the justice of Solomon

  But is that all there is ?

  What about the inner i
  we've heard so much about
  in all its nine billion names :

       as a single entity
       sometimes labeled the sole,
       one's consciousness,
       or, a kernel commonly

  This type of projection,
   this type of determination of the atom,
   the type which penetrates
    the outer shell of the atom i,
    is worded and pronounced "atomoi archia"
        in Greek,
         in translation :
                    "indivisible principles"

   The projections of the archia --
     these projections in to the inner atom,
              differ from
   the projections of the stoicheia --
     the drawings of the material shell,
       the etchings of sensual space,

              in that
              the archia, the "principles",
              need not be plotted
              on Cartesian graph paper

  -- this is where the numbers comes in --
   some folk project,
     draw two or more parts
      in to the structure
        of the archia

  Let us adopt [ Richard ] Feynman's's label
   and call these inner bits "partons"

  And let us first consider
  division one
   and the two bit consequences
    projected in to this jig-saw archia

b i) First Division : Two-Parton States


   good / bad
   right / wrong
   true / false
   sane / mad
   innocent / guilty
   healthy / unhealthy
   left brain / right brain
   sinister / dexterous
   superior / inferior

There are many more examples
of two tone competing separations
and most,
like the above,
have labels alluding to
  a direct binary connection
  to many of the dominant cultural paradigms
   emerged, and re-emergent
    out of the other atom i
     out of the other elements
      and in to the flux

      In other words,
      these kind of two-parton projections appear to form,
      and be formed
      reflect, and be reflected
      from and to
      extant material reality

           is that such a bad thing ?

           * are we not human --

              do we deny there is both good and bad in the world ?
              do we not know our right from wrong ?

             and in any case

           * one would expect the microscopic parts
             to reflect the structure of the macroscopic whole  ?  [1]

             and visa versa

             consider [ Niels ] Bohrs' model of the atom --
             there are patterns in material reality that are common
             at many scales

[ Martin ] Heidegger has something to say
   about scientists,
   prescribing schemes upon nature
   that would make a trooper blush [2]

   Suffice to say
     there have been many patterns
      projected upon to the atoms --
       paradigms drawn
        in analogy to systems
         that are deemed
          to be atomic
           in the sensuous, material world --
            for instance, i note
             partons are sometimes
              characterised as animals

Returning now to the segregation of the partons :

                do we deny there is both good and bad in the world ?
                 do we not know our right from wrong ?

   In these binary questions
    we may draw the partons
     as discrete entities
      within the archia

   Or alternatively
    we may draw the archia whole
     but tethered
      between two forces of attraction
       the good / bad posts --
        the naughty but nice posts
         the angels and devils
          of pink's toddler

         with labels weighted as meaningful
       and therefore as meaningless
     as the imagining intellect
    is enabled to comprehend

     but all the same,
      tethered between two forces
       commonly denoted as being
         outside of the atom archia
          and within,
           more often than not,
            the material flux
             in contemporary space-time

     For example :

     Rather than 'criminal' = 'evil' and only 'evil'

       transitory tags
       emerge from the material flux,

       such as the 'criminal' may = 'desperate',
                                     or 'poor',
                                     or 'badly informed',
                                     or 'negligent'
                                     or 'sick'
                                     or indeed 'provoked'

       These tags,
       emerging from the material flux,
       tend to shift
       the attractive node
       out of the atom archia
       and in to the flux

       But i note
       there are many extant paradigms
       that clearly draw the line
       of separation inside the archia --
       consider the doctrine of original sin for example

       i'll return to that point later,
      but for now, i draw the archia whole
     and with one property :
      a tendency to become attracted / repulsed
       to dualistic models
        extant in the material flux

b ii) Second Division : Three-Parton States

There are many three,
  and many-fold-parton myths [3]
    extant in the material flux

These myths
  tend to be
   more sophisticated,
    in that
     we witness
      specific character development
        within each of the partons

In this section,
  i shall treat
   a common
    a three-parton state
     in order
      to draw out
       common characteristics

In sections b iii)
  i shall treat
   a many-fold-parton state
     with the same intention

    before drawing
   a prototype parton state
     in b iv)

A common three-parton state:

  The transactional army --
      child : adult : parent

  The supposed progressions :

       time stones of learning
       tethered upon negotiated experience

       the mediated partons of id junior,
       id, and id senior,
       4 legs, 2 legs, 3 legs
       putting their own house in order --

         anchors away,
         and in to the sea
         of reflected trioptic Other:

             atom i
             navigating by triangulation

                     [ adult ]

                      But surely,
                      using the methods of b i),
                      these three partons
                      may be deconstructed
                      as readily as
                      the two-tone paradigms

                      and drawn as 3 loci
                      outside the archia ?

                                          [ parent ]

                                           we've seen this triple
                                           many times
                                           in the material flux

                                            Attach transition tags,
                                           cast them back,
                                             and hear them dissolve

[ child ]

  But in which domain
  does this tether,
  do the triplets reside ?

                                          [ parent ]

                                           In the material flux
                                           i tell you

                                           Myths older
                                           than Oedipus and Eve,
                                           mediated by
                                           that chap
                                           with the liver complaint --

                                           Cast them out,
                                           out of the archia

[ child ]

  But to where do
  these compounds belong ?

                                          [ parent ]

                                           Not compounds, loci
                                           There's a good little mite
                                           just attractive / repulsive

                                           Deconstruct them,
                                            cast them in to oblivion
                                             and be done with it
                                              -- the archia can resist

[ child ]

   Resist what --
   It might be nice, and
   why would i want to resist

                                          [ parent ]

                                           Nice, nice
                                           not nice,

                                           Into the flux
                                           with the books please
                                           we've read this all before

                     [ adult ]

                       Erm ...
                       hold on a second

                     [ adult 2 parent ]

                            there's no need to adopt that tone, and

                     [ adult 2 child ]

                       it was your idea in the first place
                     to draw the archia whole
                   don't you want to anymore

[ child ]

Yes, i do,
but have had another brain wave
and i'm thinking about the Other

                                          [ parent questions adult ]

                                           Oh ...

                                           You've been letting
                                            the child play
                                             with those religious nuts
                                               haven't you

                     [ adult 2 parent ]

                       Don't be like that

                       Are you tired
                       or just moody

                                          [ parent 2 adult ]


                                            i've been working

                     [ adult 2 parent ]

                       yes, and i have too

                       and completing my lists
                       is just as wearing
                       as your big job

                                          [ parent ]

                                            oh, i know
                                            i know, i know ...

                                            but we've witnessed this one
                                            many times

                                            eject this tripartite
                                            in to the flux
                                            from whence it came

                                            it sucks,

                                            it sucks
                                            at our material form
                                            it draws upon our ideal form
                                            it manifests,
                                            and patronises the flux
                                            and thereby shapes us

                                            but never
                                             in its own image --

                                              all ways
                                              it is the oppressor
                                              all ways
                                              we are the oppressed

                                            what ever you're thinking
                                            throw it away

                                             of the Other
                                              always boil down
                                               to a good / bad duality

                                            and we need less ideologies
                                             not more

                     [ adult 2 parent ]

                      That's rich coming from you
                      up in your ivory tower

                      i think all you do sometimes
                      is sit there navel contemplating
                      inventing ideologies

                      best take the plank out
                      before casting aspersions

                                          [ parent 2 adult ]

                                            inventing ideologies

                                            which planet are you on

                      [ adult 2 parent ]

                       you ought to try it out sometime

                                          [ parent 2 adult ]

                                            i have, i did,
                                            i do

                                            what's up with you now

                      [ adult 2 parent ]

                        my lists --
                         carrying out your 'suggestions'
                         in the here and now

                        i have so many lists
                        so many divisions
                        it appears that i represent
                        an ideology :
                          your ideas

                                          [ parent 2 adult ]

                                            my ideology,
                                            my ideas ?

                                            i am conscious of the pasts
                                            and therefore
                                            conscious of the futures
                                            that is all i am

                                            This Child
                                             is conscious of neither
                                              and needs my,
                                               needs our

                      [ adult 2 parent ]

                        you will remember what happened
                        to Cronus then

[ child ]

Work, work, work
And, i'm just playing

                     [ adult laughs ]

                        may be our child
                         is conscious of something other

                           it does spend a lot of time
                             faffing and learning
                              in the common flux

                                          [ parent 2 adult ]

                                            let the child play then
                                            but watch it carefully

                                            what is the question

[ child ]

The many parton-state --

    to where, to whence
   does one cast
     the oneness of the many parton-state
       drawn upon the generational code
         of a negotiated family

                     [ adult ]

                       But this oneness of which you speak
                        is itself no more
                          an atomic characterisation --
                             the projection of an ideal family,
                             that state can not be pin-pointed
                                    in history

                              and therefore
                           this entity,
                        this oneness
                      does not exist

[ child ]

Do you deny
that this elementary compound
by the bucket full
in the material flux
throughout known space-time

                                     [ parent ]

                                       Let it
                                      dissolve there

                                     Only this will ensure
                                    the wholeness of the archia
                                   the wholeness of the "beginnings"

[ child ]

Do you deny
that this elementary compound
multiple times
in the ideal flux
throughout known space-time

                                     [ parent ]

                                        your tone reflects hierarchy

                                          What kind of beginning
                                           is this,
                                            if not one
                                              we've not witnessed
                                               a million times --

                                              where is
                                               the atom archia now

                                              where is
                                               its freedom in being --

                                              where is
                                              its self-determination

                     [ adult ]

                      But the child is the parent of the adult --

                              Freedom in being
                                   is not
                              freedom from being

                      The projections of the archia --
                      these projections in to the inner atom,
                              differ from
                      the projections of the stoicheia --
                        the drawings of the material shell,
                         the etchings of sensual space,

                         in that
                        the archia, the "principles",
                      need not be plotted
                       on Cartesian graph paper

    [ child ]

       or in space-time
         for that matter

                                     [ parent ]

                                       But where,
                                        whence else
                                       can it be
                                        plotted ?

    [ child ]

      in to the none finite --
       the multitude
        pronounced "to apeiron" in Greek, or
         "infinitio" by Cicero --
           the Infinite

                                    [ parent ]

                                       But the infinite is not real,
                                           it is myth
                                        it has no real domain --
                                           you propagandise
                                            an ideology

[ child ]

         where, and whence
            do the photons exist

                in which domain
                   do we get light reign

-- atom i

[1] "Modern physics is not experimental physics
      because it uses experimental devices
      in its questioning of nature.

      the reverse is true.

      Because physics,
      already as pure theory,
      requests nature to manifest itself in terms of predicable forces,
      it sets up the experiments precisely for the sole purpose
      of asking whether and how nature follows the scheme
      prescribed by science."

      The Question Concerning Technology -- Heidegger

[2] "... but noting
      that what can be demonstrated in the microscopic
      can be evidenced in relationships of larger scale,
      whilst conversely
      general considerations of the macroscopic
      leave doubt as to whether
      this understanding
      will hold when applied to the detail:
                         the microscopic,
                          the archia"


[3] "Since the stage in evolution [ growth ]
      when man ceased to be an animal
      and became homo sapiens,
      it has been inherent
      in his nature [ sic ],
      on looking at the world about him
      with wondering eyes,
      to ask the questions

          'Why ?' and
          'How ?'

      It is the results of his groping attempts
      throughout the ages
      to find the answer
      to these questions
      which we call religion --
       or mythology:
        for we are inclined [ determined ]
         to consider our own beliefs
          -- if we have any --
           as religion,
            and other people's beliefs
             as mythology.

      A myth
      is firstly,
       man's attempt to explain the world
        and the things he sees in it,
         and to make intelligible to himself
          the natural phenomena
           which condition his way of life
            in that world.

      His beliefs will vary
       according to this way of life
        and its needs.

      For example,
       to nomadic herdsmen,
        wandering about
         and disputing
          grazing territory
           with rival tribes,
          a strong,
         belligerent sky-god
        will be the best protector;

       while to a peaceable
        and settled agricultural
        it is the fruitfulness
       of the earth-mother
        which is all important.

      and at a later
      and somewhat higher stage
      of human culture,
      a myth seeks to :

       to justify
         an established social pattern
           together with its
             traditions and its rituals;

      and it records,
      as it were dramatically :

       the historical invasions
         and migrations,
           changes of leadership
             and foreign influences,
                which combined
                   to establish
                      that social pattern.

      This second kind of myth
      will tend to produce
      a hierarchy of gods
      which parallels
      the society of believers:

        for instance,
          the gods of ancient China
            were members
              of a divine bureaucracy
                resembling in almost all respects
                  the political administration
                    of their worshipers.

      At some stage
      in the long,
      slow development
      of these two types of myth,
      there will come a priest-poet,
      often semi-legendary,
      who will rationalize
      his people's beliefs
      and give formal shape
      to their myth,
      as did Homer and Hesiod for the Greeks,
      and in this manner
      is a national religion established.

      And later,
        much later,
          though still based
             on the same primitive beginnings,
                will come
                  -- as they did for the Romans --
                the elegant sophistication
             of an Ovid
           with his *Metamorphoses*,
        or of an Apuleius
      with his charming allegory
       of Cupid and Psyche.

      The precise difference
      between :
               a myth
             a folk-tale

        has long vexed scholars,
       because in many examples
        the theme and content
          of both
           are similar enough
            for their stories
             to be in essence
              the same.

      Just where exactly
      do the traditions
      of people
      cease to be myths
      and become merely
       folk-tales ?

        It is now
         generally agreed
           if a story
            tells of a happening
           which affects the whole world,
          or all the members
         of a certain community,
          and is set in a time
           before a pattern
            of everyday life
           has been established,
             [ then ] it is

           on the other hand,
          a similar happening
           affects an individual
            living in
           a roughly identifiable
               modern age,
            and in a setting
            to the hearers
             of the story,
              then it is

      It therefore follows
      myths tell stories
      of the beginnings
      of things,
       and concern
        mainly the gods
         and those semi-divine
          cultural heroes
           who often stand
            for abstract qualities --
              warrior's strength,
               and so on --

        while folk-tales
         tell of
          individual human beings
           and their
            personal adventures,
           and often
          of anthropomorphic animals
         and their doings.

      A myth explains
       and rationalizes,
        and is,
         for those who believe it
        perpetually and
       repeatedly true;

      a folk-tale seeks
       only to instruct
        and to entertain.


       in Jewish tradition,
         the First Man
           for whom a mate
             was created
              from one of his ribs,

        and the Welsh
         solar hero
           whose wife Blodeuwedd
            was formed for him
             from flowers
              by the magician Gwydion,

       are part,
         of the Jewish
          and Celtic

      But Cinderella's prince,
       wandering the land
        with the glass slipper
         in search
          of a particular
           once-glimpsed bride
            is the protagonist
             of a folk-tale.

      The myths of ancient Greeks
       can be divided
        into three groups;

         myths of the Olympian gods --
          that is Zeus the father-god
           and of the more important
            of his fellow-deities;

         myths which explain
          the natural phenomena;


         the hero-myths
          which relate the deeds
           and adventures
            of mortal heroes
             who were often of
              semi-divine parentage
               or ancestry."

       Introduction to Greek Mythology : Barbara Leonie Picard

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