[ssf] [sheffield-anti-war-coalition] I. Conceptualisation of the Other

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so we can take it you will be in Manchester with the '' Viking invaders'' from Sheffield Yorkshire, sizing up as to whether a ''new war of the roses'' is needed. 
        the demise of old labour in 1997 according to Zen. 
                    third time lucky, spell casting. 
                                the oldest parliament in Europe was Viking, its offspring the second edition was in Elmet.

war of the roses, Viking parliament,  were acts of ''' creation'' in that they brought change, will their descendants ''rise'' to the needs of the people ????

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  a) Introduction
  How to word this ?
  An example:  Consider me, atom i  
        The myths of ancient Greeks can be divided  into three groups;

          firstly, myths of the Olympian gods -- that is Zeus the father-god and of the more important of his fellow-deities;

          secondly, myths which explain the natural phenomena; and 

                          thirdly, the hero-myths which relate the deeds and ventures of mortal heroes who were often of semi-divine parentage or ancestry."

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