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worldwarfree at riseup.net worldwarfree at riseup.net
Mon Jan 8 10:39:41 GMT 2007

http://pretentiousartist.com/ documents the techno-economic change in the
omnipresent layers of Sheffield's past and present as we know all
reformation leaves a ghost of yesterday. 0742 takes images of the urban
bucolic and paranoia they simply explain as the metropolis of Sheffield.
Each link will go gray when visited. Sometimes clicking an image might
take you on a random path, all paths as we know will lead home in time,
the same with here to aid that path " target="_blank" is a simple html
line that means opens a new window. The code is to stop you having to
right click then open in new window or tab of course your choice. If you
are however lost then log off, come back and start again there will be
some glitches so e mail worldwarfreatriseupdotnet to stop those glitches
Mozilla Firefox f11 full page. If you are using Windoze then change over
to Mozilla here should work in Windoze still a problem drop a line.

269 images of claywood been re worked archive back latter this week 85%
now working (i hope)

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