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Social Centres Winter Gathering '07 // Proposed Agenda & Structure

Building on the successful 2006 Social Centres gathering in January 2006 
in Leeds, the next social centres gathering is being hosted by the long- 
running 1 in 12 social centre in Bradford. The aim is to develop 
relationships between the different social centres projects across the 
UK, share skills, develop the network, and build upon some of the 
successful initiatives social centres are involved in.

The day will include plenaries and workshops on:

★ developing the social centres network – strategies and tactics
★ developing/sharing and resources and skills
★ producing social centre pamphlets/books/zines
★ launching a UK social centres website
★ developing and supporting struggles around migration, climate change 
and work exploitation, whilst creating alternatives
★ undertaking network-wide actions and initiatives

The gathering will only be as good as the people there! Spread info 
about this gathering within your social centres and come to Bradford 
with ideas. If you have a proposal
or want to start up a centre come along and get involved.

Food will be provided by the 1 in 12 Cafe. Music and entertainment by 
the Sex Patels, Spanner and BeyONd TV. Accommodation is available but 
please get in touch:
clubmail at 1in12.com

Sunday will include practical skill share sessions.

The 1 in 12 MORRISONS Club,
21-23 Albion
W. Yorks.
Tel: (01274) 734160

Below is the proposed agenda for the next gathering hosted by Bradford's 
1in12 Club on January 27th 2007. Food, Accommodation and entertainment 
(see previous email) is being organised by people at the 1in12 but no 
doubt help would be needed on the day.

The proposed agenda has the aim of formalising the relationships between 
the different social centres projects across the UK. Since the first 
meeting back in Febuary at Leed's Common Place there has been talk of 
developing this network and building upon some of the successful 
initiatives that social centres have been involved. The proposed 
structure is as follows:



Breakfast, arrival and welcome

11.30 - 13.00


11.30 - 11.45

//intros, housekeeping, outlining sessions, handout SKILLS FORM* )

11.45 - 13.00

//developing the social centres network - political strategy and 
tactics) possible areas to develop (i.e. How the network functions - 
these gatherings, social centre zine, website, practical info 
pamphlet.....anything else? We discuss ideas which solidifies a 
political basis, what resources/skills do social centres need )

13.00 - 14.00

WORKGROUPS (as decided in the first plenary - below is a possibility)

1. Social Centre Publications - come here to discuss and plan 
pamphlets/books/zines related to social centres 2. Website Group - come 
here to form web site group and help out 3. Formulating a basic 
text/constitution (bringing suggestions of the plenary together) 4. 
Making a database of all the skills/contacts/resources we have in our 
network - skills form...etc

14.00 - 15.00


15.00 - 16.00


- What are the political projects that social centres are involved in (e.g.

Climate Change, No Borders, Hacklabs/Video/Cinema...etc)

- Scope for Networking

- Proposals for network-wide action, initiative

16.00 - 17.00

WORKGROUPS (as decided in the second plenary - below is a possibility))

1. No Borders/Migrant Struggles (ASBO, London, Cottage(brum people), 
Common Place

- how can we develop social centres connection with migrant struggles?

2. Anti-Climate Change movement (Basement, Larc, Sumac..etc)

- what can we do with social centres and climate change actions??

3. Zapatista Solidarity Groups (Everything4Everyone, ACE,Kebele)

- Planning an info tour for Social Centres....etc

17.00 - 17.30

Tea/Beer Break

17.30 - 18.30


Report back from network workgroups

(Possible) Outcome:

1. Social Centres Website Sorted

2. New Social Centres Resource book planned 3. Text and Constitution of 
Network drafted

Report back from Second Workgroups

(Possible) Outcome:

1. No Borders/Social Centres link up

2. Climate Change mass action involving social centres 3. Zap Social 
Centre Info tour planned sometime 2007

Skills Form: Everyone goes home with access to skills database.


Three plenaries (morning, afternoon, evening). These will involve everyone

and are spaces to present, feedback and discuss ideas with the view of

taking some action. The "taking some action" is deferred to the WORKGROUPS

which are formed once there is a clear agreement that needs to be taken



The workgroups become the "taking action" part of the day where ideas are

taken further, working groups formed as part of the social centres network

(i.e. publishing project, web development team, social centres/No borders

liason...or whatever!)


Form will be produced either on paper on via a graphical interface on the

web where by individuals can add there contacts, relevant skills so as that

social centre activists have access to a variety of skills within the

network (i.e. from "How to apply for an alcohol license" to "Who knows

plumbing, leccy, gas...etc")


1. Whats been asked of the social centres?

Spread information about this gathering within your social centres and come

to Bradford with some ideas!

Write down your ideas proposals on paper to distribute at the gathering.

Email them to the list before the gathering. Discuss this agenda and email

responses to the list.

Thats it!

In Solidarity

Winter Gathering 07 group

'You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.' - R. Buckminster Fuller

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