[ssf] Resisting Neoliberalism: Glasgow, 3rd - 6th September, 2007

Dan dan at aktivix.org
Wed Jan 24 00:17:39 GMT 2007

Resisting Neoliberalism 8th Annual Conference of the European 
Sociological Association

Conflict, Citizenship and Civil Society, Glasgow, 3rd - 6th September, 2007

The advent of the World Social Forum movement has revitalised opposition 
to neoliberalism. Together with the invasion and occupation of Iraq, and 
the inability of Western governments to complete the Doha round of 
international trade negotiations, the neoliberal project is in crisis. 
This is an open call for offers of papers, workshops, round tables or 
other sessions on resisting neoliberalism. We envisage that this stream 
may run in part in a similar form to sessions at the WSF and ESF. It is 
important that this is more than a stream of academic papers and we 
en­courage the involvement of activist groups, NGOs, trades unions and 
others who are engaged in fighting neoliberalism. Each session should 
have some input from outside the academy. We encourage sessions on the 
war on terror, Iraq, the IMF/WTO/World Bank, resistance movements and 
struggles, privatisation, climate justice, the crisis of political 
representation and building progressive political parties. We are 
particularly keen to have proposals for sessions from groups and 
individuals already engaged in the WSF/ESF process.

Convenor David Miller, (co-convenor, Patricia McCafferty), both 
Department of Geography and Sociology, Strathclyde University, Glasgow.

Deadline for receipt of abstracts - 28th February 2007 Resisting 


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