[ssf] Night in Leeds anyone? Fri 16th Feb

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Allo all

Attila the Stockbroker, anti-globalisation acoustic music, activist poetry... 

What more could you want from a Friday night? See below. p.s. anyone need
directions from station, drop me an e-mail.



Attila The Stockbroker, David Rovics, Penny Broadhurst, Claire Fauset and
Friday 16th February, 7.30
The Common Place, Wharf Street, Leeds

‘Poet? What’s that? Someone who skips round with a butterfly net’. So said
John Cooper Clarke when accused of being one.

Performance poetry was given a new power and passion by punk, and one of
the other original godfathers of that scene, Attila The Stockbroker, still
tours, still relevant and still very funny.

David Rovics is a singer/guitarist who brings that same spirit but from
the American anti-globalisation movement. Taking the huge sweep of things
affected by globalisation, he is not only angry and radical but also warm
and humane, having a clear eye on what he’s fighting for as much as
fighting against.

Penny Broadhurst - Well know on the live music scene in Leeds Penny
Broadhurst's poetry takes on urban alienation and rebellion. "There's fire
in Broadhurst's belly and bile in her brain, while her fiery spoken
witticisms rock and roar. You can't mosh to poetry, but if you could, then
you'd mosh to this." NME

Claire Fauset bounces around the stage two parts fizz to one part fury,
firing sharp inspiring poetry drawn from her life as an activist.

The gig is the Leeds book launch for 'This Poem Is Sponsored By...',
Corporate Watch’s new vibrant and powerful anthology of anti-corporate
poetry that features Attila, Rovics Broadhurst and Fauset. Other poets
from the book will also be making apearences, including Rapunzel Wizard,
Spencer Cooke, Merrick and Alan McLure.

"I love these dark, subversive, thrilling, transgressional poems.
Sometimes you need a poem to show you what you were seeing but not
noticing. It's a brilliant collection."
George Monbiot, Journalist


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