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>Subject: pedalpower / backpack cinema
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>Please forward this to anyone who may be interested...
>A projector costing under 400 pounds new (including VAT) is now  available 
>that runs on 12 volts and uses white LED 'bulbs'. Unlike a  normal 
>projector, the bulb will last for tens of thousands of hours  and not cost 
>several hundred pounds to replace. This makes it a  tempting proposition on 
>it's own but more importantly is it's  extremely low energy consumption, 
>under two amps!
>One person can easily generate the power to run this projector with a  
>simply pedal power generator. Alternatively, it is such low power  that a 
>small battery capable of providing several hours of viewing  could easily 
>be carried in a backpack with the projector and toped up  during the day 
>with lightweight solar panels if required.
>The LED light source will not be damaged by getting knocked about  while 
>hot which has always been a major issue with normal projectors.
>The model is a Toshiba TDP FF1 LED Projector costing £ 394.47 (inc.  VAT.)
>http://www.eatay.com/viewbyproduct.php? product_id=2949&source=PRICEGRABBER
>Here are the important specs...
>Resolution is SVGA 800x600 (fine for any application)
>Contrast Ratio: 1500:1 (this is good)
>Brightness (ANSI): 400 lux (this is low, not good)
>Life of Lamp: over 10,000h (amazing, more than enough)
>Fixed Zoom - Projection Distance (m): 0.4 - 2.5 m(1.31-8.2ft)   (limiting 
>in some applications)
>Picture Size (Diagonal): 0.27-1.72m(11.0 - 68") (not huge but enough)
>Weight: 565g(w/o Battery)
>Power Source: DC 15V  (perfect ;-)
>Power Consumption (W): 18W (tiny! 1/10th of a typical small projector)
>Lets be clear, it is NOT very bright but it is very quiet and  economical.
>The fixed zoom might be annoying in some applications but that's true  of 
>many cheap projectors these days.
>Anyone thinking of purchasing a projector for communal projects might  want 
>to think about this...
>It is probably NOT a good projector for general use in large rooms  with 
>poor blackout in social centres. It MIGHT make a good loan  projector 
>dispite it's limitations as it should be harder to damage  than normal 
>projectors. It is NOT a good projector for trying to  splash a huge screen 
>full of propaganda onto the walls of corporate  headquarters from the back 
>of a bike - it is far to dim. It IS a good  projector for bike tours, small 
>dedicated cinema rooms, gimmicks yet  to be considered and off grid 
>missionary expeditions ;-)
>The power consumption is a tenth of that of a typical small projector  and 
>lower than many laptops so you can guess how long a battery would  last. A 
>typical 7 amp hr lead get battery used in burglar alarms etc  should last 
>for about 4 hours. One person pedaling could generate  three times the 
>required power comfortably so could actually power  both the projector and 
>the video source and the audio. This makes  pedal powered cinema a piece of 
>cake compared to what we used to do.  No heavy batteries, no need for four 
>people to pedal all the time. Joy!
>Next we need somebody to invent a pocket blackout tent.

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