[ssf] Coming from your lips that sounds just as hollow than your normal conversation..

worldwarfree at riseup.net worldwarfree at riseup.net
Fri Mar 30 15:02:58 BST 2007

Hello, coming soon to http://pretentiousartist.com are a load of new
images, 0742 lost the meat for a dark day load, Meanwhile Angus is back in
da house he nicked my Fuji a500 putting me to shame. Still working on the
others but we reckon by Sunday they will be with you, they're already
named, you have: black sabbath, nemophile, night, SO23 and spike. the
tunes have been the very mighty Black Sabbath, for those about to rock, we
shall rock with you. Angus told me that as a young teenybopper he used to
play the first 8 LPs in one sitting, he being the one who introduced me
proper to the gods of sabbath. Now lets move on shall we, i have been told
my loathing of the middle class is a self loathing, fuck, people have no
fucking clue and coming from their lips it sounds hollow.

The Sheffield Nemophile Society had their first tree hugging session in
Wharncliffe Woods on Saturday and Monday of last week, this forms over 60
images. goto Steve Withington for his images from the day, ours will be
with you Sunday, yes Sunday is April fools day, check back here for
something rather good in opposition to Trident, one reason for going to
Rawmarsh other than to feed the cats is to upload something rather fucking
good. Nuff said regards this.. i found myself at da Rutland, oh the
hangover Thursday was just nasty, i spent much of the day fast asleep and
the night playing with images.

We are Off to Doncaster tomorrow, meeting our arms dealer in time for
Sunday, we have shit planned do you not know, http://pretentiousartist.com
will get a new look before we are taken off by the CIA into a dark room,
asked questions of our friendship with Derek Zardwick, do we know Zontar,
(http://babydeltic.com/media/bride_of_zontar.php) etc. of course we shall
speak, we have never been that fond of pain. Only if we was taken by The
IRAnian secret police we would ask to stay, if you would be so kind. i
kinda think Angus likes the idea of his love, Mandy, in a burka (she ain't
that good looking). Yes that disconserting bitch had us all with her death
and other stories, she has been sniffing pussy and napalm in Broomhill it
seems, well whatever turns her on, me i loath da bitch and am sure Elbe
Leith, her brother, feels the same. he was in Da Rutland with us Wednesday
night coming out with this classic line

TO FUCKING CHOKE. shit, i nearly lost me pint of the Black Stuff and oh
the barperson coming over arse licking like, was not good. i drink The
black Stuff because i like it, my reply was and if you put napalm on draft
then i'll have a glass or two. Derek Zardwick creased in laughter
barperson looked not amused. As said last time round, anyone a normal

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