[ssf] uv :: v ) on kings and secret rings a) sovereignty

amadan mor adam at diamat.org.uk
Tue May 1 12:18:15 BST 2007

   "all of us are the children born of the damsels
    whom amangons and his men raped --

         these great wrongs
         shall never be redeemed
         in wordly time

        we are bound to travel in common,
         knights and damsels,
          through this land
           until god wills that
            the court of joy be found,
             for that will make
              the land bright again"

               -- the elucidation ~ 1230

  in elizabethan times shakespeare wrote
  upon this archipelago, and beyond
  of kings, their battles, secret ambitions
  crimes, courts, resolutions

  hansard and analogous records
  records these things presently
  to me, in a less comprehensible fashion

  sovereignty's image appears world over
  on stamps and bank notes, faces, institutions
  past present heroins princes land-thoughts
  sovereignty's regalia, co-dominions

  many images, mapping out the currency
  of social and economic intercourse
  respectively banding the strands
  of the ideas, the imaginary that form us

  the why of our mappings
  manifests in complex reality bindings --
   social niceties of rarefied times
   compressed into temporal defence

     who comes lapping against the shores --
         what end justifies the means king
         rang 911, madrid, london
         ripping through core common mantle

  other mappings -- walled cities, check-points
  fronts, disease, danger, death
  exclusion zones, demarked territories
  chequer game reality --

  -- full spectrum imaginary war games
  acted, role-played, multiple scenarios
  move through dress rehearsal
  to the theatre of the real

  sovereignty chooses her own representatives
  tests and trains her champions
  bestowing rings of invisibility
  giving free capacity to her command

  echoes her command --
  the means justifies the end

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