worldwarfree at riseup.net worldwarfree at riseup.net
Wed May 16 12:35:40 BST 2007

It has been a painful birth this one, child. issue six, we are told, is
the easy one - not this one though, it has been the bastard of phlegm
comic. Issue six is a series of postcards, though not printed at the
republic of Juma Print like our new flyer - goto
pretentiousartist.com/howto for the html copy. Back  to Phlegm, this
series of 30 postcards, yes, fucking 30 postcards of his pen and ink work
plus some photos of his wall work, you need this more than a brick in your
head, it is just as painful but no trip to an hospital with this one.
Sometimes pain is pleasure and this sure is one of those. Fuck me, i can
not stop looking at the postcards, i have logged off abbywinters.com
thrown all my porn into the recycle bin, now my pleasure is radio 4 and
these very nice postcards. Is that clear enough for you... i like them.
Meanwhile, some years back, issue one was in an art shop, Mark said take a
copy, no thanks seen it all before.. But slowly my ignorance of this
monster has been kicked to one side, and so the love affair has began, one
is being serious i've been thinking of getting a tattoo, well i'll be off
to feline next few days with one of the postcards to get a costing of
having one on my arm, i ain't thinking of my prick just yet but who knows
what the future might bring.. well done Mr Phlegm, we love you at
pretentious artist dot com, any chance of helping us with a flyer we can
not pay like Paul Smith but lets talk..

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