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Wed May 23 11:31:19 BST 2007

Now before one is told these notes are negative, consider the ebb n flow
of life. Karl Marx talked of dialectics, the equal balance between
positive n negative. So in balance if your life is negative then you are
going to become part of the negative social disintegration of modern life.
It is very unfair to keep informing friends they're wrong due to your own
actions.. I know those who i watch become myself some years ago.

It simply hurts to see this happen, now i can be frank about a simple
fact, if someone had said come meet the former 0742 then in all
probability i would walk, now I find myself doing very much the same (with
a former friend). Find myself watching from the side, the very
disintegration of a once close friend. I have a need to be open and write
these thoughts, in some anticipation they're read and understood. Is this
simply myself desiring this to be? Yes it might just be that, i have a lot
to thank Heather for, her time love n space means a lot, the time effort
of J Baxter, Deacon Dave, Paddy, Andria, and far too many others means i
stand where i do.

To witness the reclamation yard of Mother Earth, now i do believe in some
form of order in this life, there is an omnipresent being. I name her
Mother Earth, never been that much into patriarchy so we will leave God,
but understand this is where some people find themselves Others simply
walk on, then ponder why all around them falls apart. I have no doubt
their actions were not provocation, but their negative karma could have
played a very real part in what happened to them on Friday night.

I trust and respect there was no intent, unlike Maria she has very much
intent to cause people harm, i have no doubt her Middle Class up-bringing
has created the very vile human she has become. I very much have an
understanding of the harm parents, those trusted to look after us as young
ones, can and have done. I hopefully have come through all of this, i
simply can forgive in the hope by doing so it changes this world for the
better. Of course i feel anger and hurt, now that could come across at
times as negative, because thats what they are. This said i hope i find
myself learning from them.

One love

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