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Wed May 27 12:52:25 BST 2009

Last night the British National Party (BNP) made a party political
broadcast to try and drum up votes for their prospective Euro MP. A lot of
people said that, as purveyors of hate, they should never be allowed air
time, but some have always fallen on the side of free speech Barnsdale
think the more exposure these nutters get the better the general public
will understand them. Barnsdale has been talking to friends and colleagues
this morning they don’t think we we’re wrong. There were plenty of

Like all political parties the BNP think the general public are stupid and
that they can just rewrite history. A lot of people we spoke to said
things like

“Surely we were fighting against the likes of them (meaning the
nationalistic/racially-idealistic BNP who’s beliefs are more akin to
Hitler’s than Churchill’s) in World War II?” and “We didn’t fight the
bloody war on our own! There was every country and race you can imagine
fighting alongside our troops.” And then there were statements like “What
would they do about the Gurkha’s then?”

With unemployment pushing 4 million a lot of people were offended with
Griffin’s language

“Did you here the little bastard go on about ’spongers’, I’m 50 years old
and on the scrap heap; if I ever got my hands on the bastard he’d wish I
WAS a fucking sponge!” and ” He sounded more like a posh fucking 1980’s
tory twat than a man of the people.” To which somebody pointed out that he
was in fact a posh twat who hates the poor and people from council

But it wasn’t their lies, their sneery holier-than-thou attitude or even
their ill-disguised contempt for their fellow man that stood out for us;
it was their complete and utter lack of mojo. Party political broadcasts
are always painfully bad, but this was made by some freak who had a
camera, but no soul; Leni Rosenthal they were most definitely not. It
looked hopelessly dated and tired, just like their ideology. They’re about
as inspirational as the thieving bastards they claim to oppose.

We must always be on our guard against all forms of fascism, but we can
also see that the old political attitudes are beginning to whither. There
are huge changes in the air. The fastest growing political force in Europe
is the Pirate Party, which shows how new socio-economic philosophies and
practices are emerging to replace the – so last century! – ideologies of
hatred and death. The BNP shows neither the willing nor the wherewithal to
embrace these changes.

The sooner they fuck off and die like the dinosaurs they are the better
for us all!

It is simeple as anarchist we would say do not vote! also as an anarchist
we agree with what Trotsky said, we would work with the devil his
grandmother etc, to defeat the rise of facism, so if you can vote then
vote green 4th June:


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