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Feel free to circulate, for consideration. Especially to any Christian, Muslim, Jew, who consider them selves to be 'religious', also to the ''left'', especially to the left, it may help break the circle.
Hi Tom,

           No, actually the church people, Bush, Cheney, Clinton, Biden, Obama are all in the White House, stop believing in the illusion, or you'll never get others to stop. 
The war party runs the church at the moment, and the same people at the top run the 'white churches as well as the 'black churches, the 'serfs' still doff their caps and touch their forelocks, what has the running of the feudal estate got to do with the peasants ?
The churches are the place where the 'sermon-political speech for the week is given. Where the party hacks make sure the 'congregation toe the party lines.

        Next time you come across some of these 'peaceful churchgoers, ask them if they know that an original movement took place 2,250 years ago based on a ''messiah'', a word which simply signifies a 'liberator' or liberation', as in movement, the word 'messiah' is only mentioned twice in what is known as the old testament, but not at all in the new testament, King James version. 
So the 'messiah' doesn't actually apply to the Christian religions. Though foolishly many think it does. Ask them also if they know that the 'crucifixion' was actually 2,100 years ago, and that the words Jesus Christ, mean Jesus - helper of Yahweh, and Christ - the anointed, which together are a job title, meaning 'high priest' and not a name.
The Jesus Christ character doesn't appear at all in the Old testament, the new testament is correctly called the 'Greek Gospels' and the concept of 'Jesus Christ' came from the Greeks, not Arabs.

        When Constantine became the first Emperor of the Byzantine Empire, he also became it's first 'High Priest', the position held by the new monarch, he previously had been the God emperor of the Roman Empire, but gave it up for some thing newer and better, a subject congregation also termed the population, indoctrinated into a religion. The British monarch is the leading member of the Anglo Catholic church, the Czar was the high priest/emperor of the Russian religion, the Kaiser also the same positions.
The new testament includes both the job title and the job description, the emperor/high priest accepts to toe the line as stated, as did '' George Bush, the Beloved, an Uncle to all American citizens'', as does Obama at present.

        Tell them that if they study the history, based on the reference points, 2,250, and 2,100, they will find all they need to verify the dating as correct.
The Torah 2,200 years ago was the first revisionist work 50 years after the movement subsided.  It's a complete distortion of the Arabic history, as the archaeologists have been proving.  The evidence is there, of both dates, it just means looking, go beyond the false dating that has been taught previously, they are not being asked to give up anything but false dating that have always brought distortion. Some evidence is already in publication, they just don't recognise it due to incorrect 'religious dates.

        In the mid 1940's, just over 50 years ago, the British 'promised' to remove their empire, bring it to an end, it was supposed to completely end by the mid 1970's, but what we have now is it's 'resurrection' again the imperialist wars, the British are behind the invasions, but are simply using the American military as auxiliaries. 
If the Empire is gone, why are it's laws still on the statue books ?
Why the same structure of the Parliament ?
Why the same forms of economics ?
Why are the British still counted as the fourth wealthiest state on the fact of the earth, has anyone bothered to see how small a group of islands it is ?
So where does the money come from ?
Much more could be added.
The connexion between the British and the American ruling class, is capitalism and a shared history, both lines originate from the same divided root.

    Fifty or so years ago, the countries of Africa began to be 'given' their independence, now the Africans are again complaining about foreign imperialism exploiting their countries, In India again we see the growth of anti imperial movements, this time also against the central government as well, there are insurgents in probably every state that makes up the central state of India. Central and Northern China is also beginning to move, again anti imperialism.
And in Europe, the 'new constitution' and the possible 'election' of Tony Blair as it's first President.

    Wait till/for a generation that has taken a revolution to grow old, 50 years will do nicely, in the mean time falsely educate the younger generations, its all been done previously, there has always been a reason for keeping the ''religion'', but also a reason for teaching the masses one story, whilst keeping the truth of history hidden.

    How does the quaint story of ''Jesus fit in with the barbarian history of the Byzantine empire and mass slavery, or the German empire and it's religion Catholicism, and feudal economics and serfdom, or the exploitation of capitalism, the expansion of the last three centuries and all the barbarism.
The real examples of 'revisionist Christianity's, that based on the Bible with the Torah as it's 'root' are the people mentioned in the top line of this piece.
But there was an earlier movement, 2,250 years ago.
    For the 'peaceful Christians of the congregation' to move forwards and at the same time avoid applying again the barbarism of the last century in two great wars of Europe, both of which were religious wars, they have to resolve some contradictions, and that can only be done by re-examine the history of its' origins, or again the Christian fascist will appear.

    Capitalism began it's life in Britain, with state capitalism from Henry 8th to the 1640's, then private capitalism. The opposition to absolute rule, 'god's appointed by divine right' came to an end in the mid 1600's in England, but was instituted throughout the Empire till 1945. Stalin imposed it and state capitalism in Russia, Hitler in German, Mao in China. It all comes back to it's original root.

Then see what they have to say.

    'Old saying'' If the mountain will not come to Mohammed, then Mohammed must go to the mountain, Try a visit to the church goers, collectively they would, piled on top of each other, make a sizable mountain.

As for the 'left, they are 'riddled'' [an old word for contradiction] with sectarianism, the basis of which is religion.


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  The left, as ususal, is in a circle firing squad.  Few show up for the Sunday peace rally at the HB pier.  Perfect place to table and talk to people ....i guess all the peaceful people are in church.  I will be at the pier on Sunday's and support those that take a weekly stand against the fascist wave that is moving across the country.

  Tom Lash
  Coastal Convergence Society Huntington Beach CA

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  the woman who organized it did a lousy job, unfortunately
  and i am in Sweden now

  On Fri, Oct 9, 2009 at 8:41 AM, <Rose> wrote:

    i am in st louis - hoping to move ASAP - the place is a joke 

    i didn't know she was here i could have gotten folks together and gotten some press 
    there was no word and no real press 
    has Cindy left already ?

               Peace, Hugs, and Purrs,  
    Carolyn Rose Goyda 
    Missouri, USA

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      Friday night, Oct. 2, 2009

      In what should have been a packed house, Cindy Sheehan spoke to less than 15 people at the Overland Community Center Friday night. The St. Louis anti-war movement, including IOW, Peace Economy Project, UFPJ, VFP, AFSC and others, refused to mobilize it's members to welcome this woman. Cindy has worked tirelessly for the withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, the Persian Gulf, Somalia and elsewhere.
      Cindy gave an excellent talk and was inspiring as well as energizing. In the past, these same local “anti-war” groups couldn't get enough of Cindy.

      Why now the lack of welcome from the St. Louis Peace Movement? Why did these same organizations which hosted an all-day seminar grading President Obama's first 100 days, giving him passing grades, choose not to recognize our sister, Gold Star Mother and outspoken peace activist? They were most certainly notified in advance, and there weren't any conflicting events.

      The answer? Cindy Sheehan is not a member of the Democratic Party. This is the same party that gave us the wars in Korea, Vietnam, eight deadly years=2 0of sanctions against the people of Iraq, war in the Balkans, the escalation of death/destruction in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and possibly Iran and Somalia. Remember it was a Democrat who authorized the only use in history, of atomic weapons.

      Instead, Cindy ran for the U.S. Senate CA. on the Peace and Freedom Party's ticket. Friday night, Cindy was asked what person she admired most. Cindy's answer was, "Cynthia McKinney". As we all know, Ms. McKinney, a former Congresswoman from Grorgia, was driven out of office by pro-war Democrats, the DNC and the AIPAC lobby. After Hurricane Katrina displaced thousands of working class people in New Orleans, Cynthia McKinney unhesitatingly went to help. When the Free Gaza Movement sent cargo ships to Palestine to break the genocidal blockade of Gaza by Israel, Cynthia McKinney answered the call!

      But we also know that Cynthia McKinney ran for President on the Green Party ticket. She is no longer a member of the Democratic Party---having learned the lesson first-hand that standing up for principles cannot and will not be tolerated by corporate and imperial interests. The history of the Democratic Party is a history of betrayal and heartbreak for the working class, people of color, and those who sincerely want to implement a “progressive agenda” in America.

      Anti-War activists need to support each other despite political differences.
      But the political differences themselves answer the questions posed at the beginning of this letter. Cindy Sheehan supported Ms. McKinney for President rather than Barak Obama. Mr. Obama's pro war stance made it impossible for Cindy to give him any support. As the war drums grow louder from the Pentagon and the White House, the peace movement appears to be stagnant. Rather than depending on the majority of American people opposed to the ongoing wars, the Peace Movement appealed to elected officials (Democratic Party). The Guantanamo Death and Torture Camp remains open as do all of the secret prisons used around the world in the West's war on Islam (war on terror). The attack on civil liberties continuation of the USA PATRIOT ACT, warrant-less surveillance, indefinite detentions, the failure to recognize the World Court... nothing has changed.

      Timothy Kaminski

  "President Obama leads a racist imperialist system whose failure is obvious and cannot be reformed. It can only survive with the exploitation of people here and rape of people abroad. The conditions of our people have not changed." Sobukwe Shakura of the All African People's Revolutionary Party
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