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Sat Mar 12 13:04:16 UTC 2011

In't it enough goin' gawking at a steel fence without posting poor jokes about the afflicted non liberal tory democrats?
The gang of four grown to being a beanstalk, up which dave cameron climbed, nice to see the descendants of the split from the old labour party right wing are now in the camp their ancestors originated from.
More bull for the lib dems to milk more cuts from, including the poor police officers paypackets, which all in attendance should be reminded of, now that cameron and tory clegg have shown them all where they truly belong, with the wage earners.
Who's had a wage cut' - 
Who's had a wage cut' - 
Who's had a wage cut' - 
Someone will think up a tune to chant it to. 
Interesting to learn that some are still living in sheffield, word had it that all had died off from a local plague. 

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Subject: [sheffield-anti-war-coalition] tangential stuff
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hi list,

in case you missed the fences the lib dems will be in town tomorrow


they might already be here, you never know, i think i would, travel up 
the day before like, to acclimatise

not sure if anything anti-war per se is happening -- i´m faffing about a 
bit on ssf, again not anti-war specifically, although nine eleven gets a 
mention pretty early on in this one:


all the best

-- adam

3 old-dears sat on a park bench, 1st one sez 'it's windy today init', 
'no, it's thursday' sez the 2nd, 'me too ...' says the 3rd '... i'd love 
a cuppa tea'


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