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Qik noreply at qik.me
Tue Nov 17 22:33:38 GMT 2009

Dear unloquer,

Thank you for verifying your email address with Qik. You can now easily share your favorite moments live with anyone from anywhere! Here are some tips to get started:

- Have your friends and family visit http://www.qik.com/unloquer to see you live and view your videos.
- Link your Qik account to some of your favorite services on the web by visiting http://qik.com/profile/edit_networks.
- Stream video live to your website, blog, or favorite social network. Simply grab the embed link on the left side of your Qik profile.

If you ever want to change the email address associated with your Qik account, simply go to http://qik.com/profile/edit and enter your new address.

Happy Qikking!
-The Qik Team

Connect with us on http://facebook.com/qik.
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