[AktiviX-discuss] [OT] can anyone help with a domain registration problem?

andy baxter andy at earthsong.free-online.co.uk
Tue Jan 29 10:15:28 UTC 2008

Paul M wrote:
> On Mon, 2008-01-28 at 22:57 +0000, andy baxter wrote:
>> hello,
>> This isn't an aktivix question, but I thought someone on this list might 
>> have a clue how to solve my problem. I just registered a domain name 
>> (tikvanet.org) and ordered a web hosting package from a canadian company 
>> called dayanahost.com. So far everything has worked OK, but I have since 
>> found out that dayanahost.com contract out their proxy domain 
>> registration service to a company called DomainsByProxy, who look like 
>> they have a pretty bad record. 
>> Firstly, they register the domain in 
>> their own name, 

>>  So if I want to stop using them, they 
>> may get to keep the domain name.
> the FAQ also has instructions on how to transfer your domain to another
> register...
OK, sorry, I did it all in a rush last night just to get it done, and 
didn't take the time to think about what I was signing up for. Thanks 
for taking the time to reply.
>>  Secondly, the reason I went for them in 
>> the first place was to keep my name and address off the public whois 
>> register, and it looks like they are not even very good at doing this - 
>> they have a record of giving out details to anyone who sends them a 
>> threatening letter, without even warning you what they have done.
> Proxy domain records are not meant as a get out of jail card, more as a
> way of shielding private addresses and stopping spam/junk mail. You are
> going to find it very hard, if not impossible to find someone who won't
> do this.
OK, It's not the end of the world - I just wanted to make it a bit 
harder for someone to find my address than a simple whois lookup.
>> c) Are proxy domain registrators worth having anyway, or is it better to 
>> have your name on whois and have done with it? 
> For what its worth I use my home address and personal email for my
> private domains and I receive maybe 1 piece of junk mail a year from
> this. Its difficult to judge the amount of spam but its no more than
> other accounts I don't use for this.
> I can see the need for individuals to keep their private addresses off
> the registrar but as a working mail/network admin if anything I'm in
> favour of a stricter situation than at present with verified contact
> details needed to keep a domain.
> This stuff can prove very useful. I've used whois details more than once
> to get hacked servers being used for credit card fraud shutdown by
> contacting domain owners/tech contacts who had no idea it was going
> on.   
Yeah, I can see that side of it as well.
>> I'm not thinking of using 
>> this domain for anything that controversial at the moment, but I don't 
>> want anyone who knows my email address for example to also know my 
>> postal address.
> I think something like the Dynadot service -- essentially a
> mail/email/phone forwarding service -- provides a useful compromise.
Thanks - I'll probably do that.


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