[blag-whereto] Blog / log summary

Jason Pappin jason at craftstream.com
Sun Dec 14 03:26:38 GMT 2008

>> How do we stand with regards to hosting BLAG and all the repos?
> So far I have enough diskspace to maintain the /stable/ repo only

The project will need more hardware for starters.

>> I am fine hosting the site with the direct download as long as you want. I
>> will keep the forums updated and spam free also.
>> Would anyone like to maintain the site itself? If so let me know and I will
>> send out the FTP details.
> What would this entail?

I would imagine updating links regarding each release etc. Whatever was 
done before Jeff left.

I am unsure who maintained it before but was under the impression Jeff 
only hosted it, not maintain the coding but I could be completely wrong 

>> I have read before someone downloads the entire repo daily and while that is
>> fine, 50GB x 30 does push the monthly bandwidth up a fair bit. Does this
>> person who downloads the entire repo also host it publicly? If so that is
>> useful.
> We had better start listing all of the kimsufi mirrors and each mirror
> should list the other mirrors, perhaps?

Yeah definitely. Once we know what we have and what we need, we will be 
able to assess any shortfalls with regards to hosting we may need.

>> Jeff leaving is a big blow but not a fatal blow and I applaud the efforts of
>> the BLAG community to keep BLAG alive. Well done everyone.
> Big footsteps to follow. I mean /massive/!!

Yeah, just a bit. That is why the BLAG community efforts are so highly 

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