[blag-whereto] so whereto really? are we serious? a *proposal* & call to actio

john maclean jayeola at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 12:54:31 GMT 2009

Keep at it...

<jayeola> or would it be better to list the stages from step one?
<jayeola> from what works for me..                                      [03:09]
<jayeola> 1 - install f10/f11/fX
<jayeola> 2 - install all packages
<jayeola> 3 - add repo(s) as required
<Homer> I've finished d/l BTW
<jayeola> 4 - configure system to one's liking (personal  stuff)
<jayeola> 5 - create build user                                         [03:10]
<jayeola> 6 - create build environment (virtual machine or chroot)
<jayeola> ...
<Homer> 2 and 3 are unnecessary                                         [03:11]
<Homer> mach takes care of that
<jayeola> no need for livna repo?
<Homer> mach takes care of that
<jayeola> hrm
<Homer> Anyway, it's RPMFusion now                                      [03:12]
<Homer> Here's what I'd do...
<Homer> Install rawhide
<jayeola> ah, that repo too. i think that there be mention of it in
<Homer> Grab mach/mock
<Homer> Configure the mach/mock repos                                   [03:13]
<Homer> setup build
<Homer> You now have a minimal system
<Homer> Look at the current package list
<Homer> Look for those which conflict with BLAG (purge)
<Homer> remove them
<Homer> Look for missing                                                [03:14]
<Homer> Install them
<Homer> Look at customised packages (linux-libre, Firefox, etc)
<Homer> There's the bulk of your work
<Homer> Clenaing them up
<Homer> For that I'd need the scripts
<jayeola> as for the package list, would one refer to an existing BLAG repo
<jayeola> also, note that stevo32 says that they are current up to fc6
or so
<Homer> Actually just the ISO to start with, should be fine
<Homer> The package list on that
<jayeola> right!
<Homer> Get that working, then worry about the rest later
<Homer> That way you have a "release", even if the repo isn't ready     [03:16]
<jayeola> and once the packages are bult one just puts that in a repo?  [03:17]
<Homer> Then install that release, either direct or in a vm
<Homer> Then go through the mach build process *in that release*
<Homer> For the rest of the repo
<Homer> One package at a time, unless you have scripts (a buildsystem) to do

<Homer> If you can't figure out jebba's buildsystem, don't use it.
Make your
        own (that's my advice)
<Homer> It not hard
<Homer> Honest :)                                                       [03:19]
<jayeola> you just answered by forthcoming quesion :-)))
<Homer> I'll have a go too
<jayeola> "ok, here's why i mentioned -git-. stevo32 originally gave
          jebba's scripts and i just made a git repo out of it...."
<Homer> wait, I have a message on another channel
<Homer> brb
<Homer> Ok I'm back                                                     [03:21]
<Homer> OK so I understand your current position now.
<Homer> All is good                                                     [03:22]
<jayeola> actually i left it on the back burner since xmas
<Homer> The git thing is unimportant, for now at least
<jayeola> yep
<Homer> Useful, but not a stopper
<Homer> I have the scripts now
<Homer> Relax :)
<Homer> It's now 3:23 AM here. I'm going to chill for a bit, then
<jayeola> you are in the uk? /me london
<Homer> NE Scotland                                                     [03:24]
<jayeola> rugby!!!
<jayeola> grrrr
<Homer> Nah
<Homer> I'm into cycling
<Homer> 20 miles/day minimum
<jayeola> k. night and thanks for the heads up
<Homer> np
<Homer> cya 2morrow
<jayeola> k                                                             [03:25]

2009/2/20 noldrin <devslashnull at yahoo.com>:
> I remember the first time I met RMS, it was about 10 years at a Sci Fi
> Convention.  I told him that I respected what he'd done for computer
> software.  His first reaction was to ask me if I was a Hacker.  I told him
> that I wasn't.  He told me that it was really important that I find a way to
> contribute to the free software movement.  I told him I would try.   I
> haven't really done anything since then to produce, till I started working
> on BLAG.
> I intend to keep working, as BLAG or on my own.  When I started after jebba
> left, I really didn't know much, and my system knowledge was not that
> strong.  I never even had built an RPM before.  I had compiled some tar
> balls, and even compiled a src RPM, but that was about it.  I think I had
> only built two servers for production before the repo box.  So I've had to
> learn a lot.
> If I do this mostly on my own, it will probably drift away from a BLAG feel
> as I don't have the same style as jebba.  So if it's going to continue to be
> BLAG, I'll need others.  Also, it will make the difference between making
> BLAG a respin of fedora with a new theme and custom repo, or it's own feel
> with it's own options.  Do want Ctril-alt-backspace to keep restarting X?
> Then we'll need to deviate from upstream.
> I do have a lot of other things going on, it's true.  Working on BLAG is the
> first time since I got a job in IT that I've work on computers just for
> fun.  And that feel pretty darn good.
> -Jason
> aim: noldrin
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