[blag-whereto] BLAG 90K on x86_64

noldrin devslashnull at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 20 13:21:16 GMT 2009

Yes, I'm seriously behind on the documentation front..

Basically most of it was done with either rpmbuild or createrepo.  

I do have a script I downloaded that deletes old rpms (unfortunately
the presence of both i386 and 64bit dev files is messing that up a

The rest is some custom shell scripts calling wget or rsync, which I'll
post.  I rewrote them all when I did 64bit repo, so now I'm going to
update my stuff for the i386 one so I can get more updates through that
and perhaps rolling automatic updates.

aim: noldrin

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Got any info /set up for your repo? Any tools used or was this a
manual process?

2009/2/19 noldrin <devslashnull at yahoo.com>:
> I've just successfully installed BLAG 90K for x86_64 on my laptop
using the
> repos I set up at:
> ftp://therion.noldrin.com/pub/BLAG/linux/90000/en/os/x86_64/BLAG/
> And it's a pretty up to date one at that. I do still need to get some
> packages in there, but it seems to be working.  Anyone care to try
> an existing x86_64 box?
> -Jason aka noldrin
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