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rms at agua.org.uk rms at agua.org.uk
Mon Jun 29 20:45:14 BST 2009

On 06/29/2009 12:43 PM, john maclean wrote:
> jjm has accepted the role as list admin and has subsribed to mailing
> list. submitted first post/email to list and it has come though. use
> this list to dump any development-related info that you want to record
> "someshere":-
> * use this list as a "paste bin" in email, irc, etc sessions
> * use if you have large output from STDOUT and cannot attach to an
> email for any reason
> * use to separate your human-readable text from code
> * anything else that you can think of
> May be a good idea to have another maintainer in the case when I am
> afk. Who wants to be a maintainer? All you would have to do is approve
> emails as they will not be accepted until they are OK'ed by a
> maintainer. This helps to stop spam.
> /sys/jayeola

I would not mind doing it if it is OK with everyone (although I would 
need some directions I guess). However my job requires me to travel 
abroad every now and then and sometimes I might not be able to get a 


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