[blag-whereto] hey chaps - how's it hanging?

renilgh at riseup.net renilgh at riseup.net
Wed Mar 18 11:13:52 GMT 2009

On Wed, 18 Mar 2009 01:27:41 +0000
john maclean <jayeola at gmail.com> wrote:

> Looking at th activity of the logs I can see that a lot is going on
> behind the scenes. Couple of questions:-
> Is the wiki the main log for the irc meetings? Is that backed up? ;-)

At this point the wiki holds the logs and transcriptions. I consider
that this solution has room for improvements:
1) It's suboptimal to copy a mixture of direct quotations (=log
excerpts) and summaries. There's got to be a technical solution geared
for that task.
2) Although the development process should be as transparent as
possible it may not be desirable in any circumstance to provide
public irc logs including names etc.

> Would a script or some zenity tool help users to switch repos from
> BLAG to Noldrins?
>   "we no longer use repo X, click here to set up your new repo". Loads
> of people may not want to fusss with the command line.
Sounds great. How and where do we implement this? Is a simple
bash-script ready for download from blagblagblag.org and announced on
the forum sufficient? 

> I've not logged into my actiivethingy account. is there much activity
> there?
Ya whoot? Crabgrass / we.riseup.net/BLAG ? No, nothing going on there.
Nevertheless I would love to use it, especially for things like IRC
logs, which might be considered as more sensitive or tasks that are in
need of a determined audience.
I think noldrin had issues with this system. Do these still persist?

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