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Abdur-Rahman Morgan arm at tearms.org
Fri May 14 14:51:31 UTC 2010


I appreciate you coming forward and stepping up to take the 
responsibility for the artwork. If everyone is in agreement then I think 
we have ourselves a blag art maintainer. If there is a specific name for 
the role that would provide a better understanding to others in and out 
of the community, please forward your suggestions. The goal in having 
individuals take on a specific role is to provide a framework to begin 
managing contributions. I do not want people to feel overwhelmed that 
they are doing a "job", but providing the means for bridging areas where 
it can not be just one individuals responsibility. Each person wants to 
make contributions and I believe its important that if a group of people 
are maintaining that area, it will help to moderate how we progress. I 
want to provide contributions in every area of BLAG, but I also know 
that I can not stretch myself thin and provide the best of myself all at 
once and I thank all those again who are helping us get to the release.


On 05/14/2010 08:20 AM, Robert Sørensen wrote:
> tearms: Thank you for your dedication, hard work and inspiration. It 
> is much appreciated!
> I'll be happy to take responsibility for the art for blag if noone 
> objects to it. Being very fond of the original artwork, I would like 
> us to create something with a similar feel.
> Have started work on a new blag icon theme, which I will try to keep 
> in the same vein as really little guys (which is still very usable, 
> but anyway needs some updating). Haven't actually made a coherent 
> theme before, but as I am reasonably experienced with design and 
> drawing, the learning curve should not be too steep. Will upload some 
> sketches to riseup within a few days.
> If I am accepted as responsible for the art, I would not expect to 
> make it all myself, so everyone: Please join riseup, and contribute 
> all your photos, drawings, themes, icons sketches and ideas to blag+ 
> artists:-)
> Will be on the irc this weekend. I'm 2 hours ahead of UTC, and most of 
> Saturday or Sunday should be possible with a little appointment-switching.
> robert
> 2010/5/12 Abdur-Rahman Morgan <arm at tearms.org <mailto:arm at tearms.org>>
>     Good Day All,
>     It came to my attention that this message that I posted to the forums
>     was not duplicated here on the list, so here you go before my next
>     message which will be a bit longer.
>     :-)
>     Up until this point, I have been learning what I can in order to
>     try and
>     build the next release, but I need some more help from all of you who
>     possess some great skills and who want to dedicate the time contribute
>     too. I've seen many post of people wanting to contribute and up to
>     this
>     point I have appreciative of your willingness to help. In the same
>     token, there's much to be done and there's been no specific discussion
>     on what should and can be done. Today, I want to address that, so
>     people
>     who have ideas can begin contributing. So, I'll just be frank.
>     One we.riseup.net/blag <http://we.riseup.net/blag>, I have created
>     committees to showcase areas
>     where I think we need development. This is just a brief outline
>     Please register and login while you're reading this message to take a
>     look.
>     Development
>     ------------------
>     In any case, I would like to take a lead role for the development for
>     120k, but I need some more help. For anyone who has operating system
>     development, please join the development committee and I would like to
>     establishing task that we need to take on. i would like some help from
>     pablo, who posted to the whereto list recently on completing the
>     framework we need for the future
>     Webdevelopment
>     ------------------------
>     junichiro(aka zenblagger), I would like for you to take the role in
>     leading the development for a new design for the site, wiki, trac,
>     forums, etc. for those interested in web development and design,
>     please
>     join that committee. i've set up some task that I think is a start.
>     Artists
>     --------
>     There is no specific person, I have in mind for this role but please
>     volunteer yourself if you are interested in taking on the role of
>     maintaining the art for blag. I'll comment later on what the
>     details. I
>     feel the the traditional artwork is great, but I would like to see new
>     art around the site, on the cd and in other areas.
>     This is also a broad category, so I would include individuals who do
>     media work to. we can always create sub-committees within
>     committees if
>     necessary
>     Contributors and Users
>     -------------------------------
>     I would really like to see some general hashing on the wiki. It's a
>     monster in itself. As, I think the webdevelopment would be responsible
>     for design, I forsee the roles in these groups as encompassing a
>     number
>     of responsibilities which I think stand for themselves. Developing a
>     framework for support to those new to the community is all I have.
>     What
>     can we do better?
>     Veterans
>     ------------
>     You're always around. Keep doing what you're doing, but what we need
>     from you is more active presence.
>     I would like to propose that we meet this Saturday, May 15th on IRC to
>     discuss all the issues, but during the week, I urge everyone just
>     become
>     familiar with riseup so that there is a common place where
>     documents can
>     live that people can work on individually or in groups.
>     ineiev
>     Kunichiro
>     v0
>     patrickm
>     veganix
>     Koko_the_crazy_koala
>     kelsoo
>     Saint of Killers
>     puppy
>     extraspecialbitter
>     stevo32
>     silince
>     oswaldkelso
>     weyasey
>     contents
>     Drone4four
>     renilgh
>     Jason
>     jayeola
>     DasFox
>     jisis
>     lxo
>     and any others on and off the forum with who I've had conversations,
>     contributed feedback to the forums. I just want to say Thank You for
>     your input support, ideas, feedback, criticism and presence.
>     _________________
>     Abdur-Rahman (tearms)
>     _______________________________________________
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