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using mozaz webaccount i am happy to tell you that we got a webpage online on
mozaz domain (will be moved to a dissent domain the next days)
the webpage is
the used texts are propositions and can be changed...
also there is a flyer available in pdf on the webpage calling for next wednesday
and the text is here
please hand in corrections or just start crossposting if you are happy with it

have fun now we are off to hug tree as we deserve it bye..

Open meeting to form a democratic protest against the G8 in UK

G8 is a group of eight nations and it is simply that, an exclusive grouping of
the political leaders of eight specific countries.These are of course the
world's most industrialised, wealthy and powerful States and when they meet key
issues of world politics are discussed. The G8  Summits are hosted, on rotation,
by the group's member states, who are also proposing the agenda. In 2005 the G8
is meeting in the UK. Blairs New Labour governement has called this G8 to be
aiming at solving the world problem of poverty, with a special focus on Afrika.
Now the problem with this is: No african state, and of course no single human
being living in Africa is asked their opinion. In fact, no other human being is
asked about it either. This is why we are opposed to the G8 as their very setup
is undemocratic.

Whereas the main meeting of G8 presidents and PMs will take place in
Gleaneagles, Scotland from 6th to 8th of July, there are also several meetings
of different ministeries in advance of the main meeting. From June 15 to 17th
the G8 ministers of internal affairs and justice will meet in Sheffield. For us
this is a chance to express our dissent with the G8. But we will not only be
protesting against the conference, we will also try to show, how we understand
democratic politics.
Quite the contrary to the benevolent Africa Gambit set by Blair for the main
meeting, in Sheffield the G8 States will talk for real about the global war on
terror, the clamp-down on civil liberties and the ongoing skapegoating of
ethnic minorities and religious groups.
But we as people living in communities all over this planet know that our
freedom and liberty, our health and well-being is threatened mainly by the guys
who are pretending to protect us from terror. We deny their right to ruin our
future by further ignoring the real problems at stake on this planet: man made
climate change and poverty caused by capitalist greed

We invite you to join our efforts to protest against the G8 meeting in Sheffield
and activly help creating a truely democratic counter-conference from 15th to
17th June 2005 in Sheffield
We set up a convergence space to house the democratic counter-conference to the
G8 and to host people from outside Sheffield who we warmly invite to join our
creative protest
Get involved with Sheffield Anti-G8 Protest and counterconference.

open meeting at 20th April 2005
19.00h in Cafe New Roots in Sheffield Burngreave
Bus 97/76/75/22/33 outside Crucible to go to Spital Hill
 Head towords The Wicker under archers up the hill on your right and you come to
the Kasmire on you left a green and the easthouse pub. A little further on your
left is New Roots Cafe.

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