[g8-sheffield] FW: Open meeting for 11th April G8 demo

Chris Malins chrismalins at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 13:49:14 BST 2005

So is this cynically scheduled to undermine the open G8 planning meeting 
that we are organising or is that just me? You've got to love those 
wacky scheisters in the SWP. Do you think there would be any point in 
some of our own making a point fo going to their meeting at least to 
hear what they are saying?


worldwarfree at riseup.net wrote:
> so the good old swp are up to ther old tricks well there is no little suprise in
> this..
> lets take this as an oppertunaty to have a block of the ad hoc on there demo..
> lets have banners a3 posters to change there placards..
> flyers to tell people of what we have planned for when the g8 comes to
> sheffield..
> i have no real time for the swp.. and there was me thinking of knocing on there
> door shareing a cup of tea with them and inviteing them to become involved..
> well thay have organised a demo.. on the very day of peace in the park.. what if
> that demo was not to march from a to b.. what if that demo become the very
> exallant lattern parade..
> what if that demo marched upto where peace in the park is being hold.. what if
> we was not to ask the babylon (the empire for those into star treck).. what if
> bikes was to become part of that demo..
> what if the demo to become peace in the park on a street near town.. we are more
> powerfull than the old boring trots are we not people? lets not argue with the
> trots but take over the demo.. to remmeber all the dead of capitalism.. in our
> decanadance people die.. lets remeber the dead on june 11th..
> lets take over there demo and show them a real good old allternative to the
> boreing talk of revolution.. i desire not to change this world fro another set
> of masters.. but a world of no masters no leaders.. what do you desire? we had
> a good meeting wed night lets keep moveing foroword and upword.. the world is
> ours to take back.. not the the trots of any sectarian group..
> mozaz..
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