[g8-sheffield] Reasonable democracy

worldwarfree at riseup.net worldwarfree at riseup.net
Mon May 9 16:16:10 BST 2005

ian i take your point about the tatic of critcal mass and by the way there are
two one on the 11th meet 830am and againe meet 430pm location for both are
devonshire green.. these are a widder part of actions plannned and have been
planed.. i have been involved from the start.. now i know you live in the area
of where the g8 are staying.. i have called at your home and phoned but no
reply.. it would be cool for you to come to our open meetings each wed at 730
rutland pub we do we re locate so being on time is cool.. or we could meet for
a cup of tea round at yours.. it would be cool to meet and talk and see what we
can do in the area.. i aint into pissing people of.. not here to defend the use
of critcall mass as i feel there very cool means of getting the message out
there.. i desire to piss of those in cars.. we all have a choice.. if we use
that choice for better public transport better bike routes.. become a critcall
mass. then one day we might remove the very reson for war.. but then i refuse
to even get in a car these days.. only will use the bus one day a week.. simple
we consume less then there is less demand for oil and so fourth.. now consder
why the use of critcall mass is a tool of use.. consder why these people are in
sheffield.. now we need as meny diverse actions and message of fuck of you are
not wellcome.. critcall mass being a part of this..


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