[g8-sheffield] tonight/counter conference

gavin at cyber-rights.net gavin at cyber-rights.net
Wed May 11 14:54:56 BST 2005

Not sure if I will make it back to Sheffield in time for tonight's 
meeting. In case I don't, I'm happy to get onto contacting people 
(I was thinking of starting with WOMBLES in London) to see if 
they'd be willing to come and do counterconference things, so if 
it's cool, I'll get on with that myself and report back when I've 
got anything tangible.

Was anyone at the autonomous events in London around the social 
forum a while back? It might be an idea to get onto some of those 
people to come along.

On Wed, 11 May 2005 05:11:29 -0700 Fabian <fab at in-no.org> wrote:
>Hi there,
> just got a call from Paul of Schnews, saying that they need a PA 
>three mics for Sunday for the show...who can help with that, 
>for free?
>It is really urgent!!
>For the counterconference, Dan and others, we didn't really get 
>into doing
>much on it on Monday, but there is a some news>
>Food collective will be there to provide us with food during the 
>workshopwise we got a few offers and a hell of a lot of plans of 
>people to contact (including speakers) Will give details tonight.
>For tonights meeting I like to discuss
>Schnews/Trapese 15th
>That is it
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