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atw againstthewar at totalserve.co.uk
Wed May 18 14:03:30 BST 2005

I think the idea for a Nether Edge flyer is a good one however I can't
help thinking the tone and language in the current version is
completely wrong. It sounds like it's written for anticapitalist
protesters rather than the citizens of a middle class suburb.

For instance the fact that they'll be having "luxury meals and
accommodation" is unlikely to be an issue for many Nether Edge
residents since many of them treat themselves to such things on a
regular basis. Take a look at cars around Nether Edge. This is an
affluent audience. By writing such you are just going to alienate
people since it will be perceived as an attack on their lifestyle too.

Secondly the leaflet almost assumes the reader is against the G8 from
the outset. There is only one short paragraph before the leaflet asks
to protest with anti G8 banners in the window. This should go at the
end of the leaflet surely? Most people here won't have even questioned
the whether the G8 is a good or bad thing. To make such an assumption
if the reader is undecided will most likely put them off.

Thirdly the explanation about what will be talked about seems general
to the G8 rather than this particular meeting. It says the g8 are
here: "to protect and promote free trade" - I reckon many people in
Nether Edge will think that is a good thing. To explain what's wrong
with the free market is complex and cannot be done in such a short
leaflet so I'd leave that part out.

Will the War on Terrorism really be discussed in Sheffield/Nether Edge
or will that be left till the main meeting in Scotland? If it is being
discussed here how do we know? Is there a source for that info? If we
don't know then leave it out.

I think the last bit: "Nether Edge have to tell the G8 just where to
stick it. Love, The Nether Edge G8 Welcoming Committee" is just so
inappropriate for this group of people. I suspect you might well
alienate more people than you gain by writing in this way.

Another thing is mention of Condolesa Rice. I don't know how certain
it is she will be here but if confirmed then... well there are
certainly a lot of antiwar folk around here and her presence is an
obvious link not mentioned in the current flyer.

So I don't know how far anyone has got with this leaflet but I really
feel strongly it should be changed before going to print.



PS. I don't mind helping out with this leaflet but will be away until
next week.

Independent grassroots news: www.sheffield.indymedia.org.uk

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