[g8-sheffield] Re: The G8 in Sheffield - revised and corrected!

Chris chris at aktivix.org
Tue May 24 09:13:27 BST 2005


On Tue 24-May-2005 at 02:27:00AM +0100, Steve Against the
War wrote:
> > residents in Nether Edge have been told they will have
> > to carry a passport to enter and leave their homes
> I live in Nether Edge and have been told no such thing.
> I'd be interested to know where this story came from.
> For starters not everyone has a passport so I'm a bit
> dubious.

I dunno where this story came from...

This morning a load of portacabins arrived at the Mariot
Hotel in Nether Edge.

It would be cool to have a Sheffield map leaflet for Peace
in the Park, is anyone on this list a whiz with graphics?


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