[g8-sheffield] Prayers and New-Agers, Socialists and Hydrolic-Despots.

Kathleen Holliday noworris at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue May 31 12:38:43 BST 2005

I'm getting a little disillusioned about this. I am very proud to say I am
not a member of any political or religious body. 

I don't want to join the socialists or the pentecostals. 

It seems more like recruitment than peaceful protest that is being planned here. 

I'll walk into Sheffield 
but I'm not taking sides among factions of divided protesters or saying prayers to
anyone elses god and I don't like the idea of being branded with any new-age label.

As a citizen of this town, island, planet, galaxy I'm
prepared to stand up among the free thinkers but that's where it ends 
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