[Hacklabs] web redesign (and etcs)

flawer flawer at shareful.be
Mon Jun 10 14:34:28 UTC 2013


a couple of us just got the sftp access to the root of the domain, so 
we can start doing bits seriously there.

david is supposed to propose the platform to have in the first place, 
but you can go ahead of him, he is a bit bussy due to shitty payedwork.

he should be putting some 'under construction' message there with a 
couple of links, and i'm interested in the vanguard /hackathons folder. 
and admining the site for putting some initial content.

we are hosted at sindominio, but we can move anywhere whenever.

i requested a english list at it.hackmeeting.org and told them about 
this list and i have written a message (not sent yet) to the 
hackerspaces list. to be sent when david will deface the site.

any suggestions for the site contents are already welcomed cos they can 
be activated quickly.


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