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Garcon du Monde gdm at fifthhorseman.net
Mon Oct 11 21:52:32 BST 2010

ok, a few thoughts....

1. well done ana for getting this moving!!

2. i am very strongly of the opinion that this should *not* have the
   indymedia logo on the cover - or anywhere! hacktionlab is quite a
   different project, i think it's important to respect the
   boundaries. i don't mind not getting it out for the bookfair, either
   - there will be other opportunities, and there's no hl table at the
   bookfair anyway.

3. i think that mike has the right idea about where to get it printed,
   although i'm always happy to go drinking with mick (can you do some
   more of that VJ-ing stuff, you're awesome!)

4. i haven't actually read it since i did my page last year, but i'm
   sure it's good :-)


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