[HacktionLab] Another Call to Fill in a Table

Ben Green ben at bristolwireless.net
Wed Aug 3 08:14:28 UTC 2011

Quoting adelayde at riseup.net:

> Nice one Ben.  I think we need to define what constitutes a workshop as
> well, such as how much preparation / notes / handouts / slides one might
> be expected to produce for such a thing....
> or maybe I'm being too anal about it?
> I guess my angle is that I think they need to be real, solid workshops,
> which I know a lot of them are, that can be turned into templates and
> handed to other people to provide and also share with others.

Thanks for replying to this thread, I really want to get us on the  
road next year with some workshops to offer.

I think it should be up to the people running the workshops to sort  
that out what resources they need. If they want to train in how to  
teach and build content, they should also take that on themselves.  
Let's just get our workshops out there and offered, the quality  
control can come after, and we've all been to each others workshops  
anyway, so they can hopefully recall how good they were.

Templates are a fantastic plan, but let's just get them out there and  
on offer first. It's part of the point of getting them on a public  
page is that we can point people to that page. In terms of producing  
resources, I'd prefer to concentrating on "tech tools for activists  
2.0", as the response to it was so positive last time.

 From Ben Green

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