[HacktionLab] New Open Source / Android Communication Tools?

Dave Hollis david.hollis at netzwerkit.de
Thu Jul 26 10:21:34 UTC 2012

Hi Mick,

I think Plone is worth a mention as a CMS. It is not a security 
nightmare like anything PHP/Mysql software and it has a nice 
interface for beginners.

I've been using it for Netzwerk IT (a German and occassionally English 
site -- see http://www.netzwerkit.de/ueber_uns/leaflet) 
for workplace activists (usually and often deliberately 
not unionised) since about 2002. 

Although it is by no means in anyway as comfortable as Plone, I also 
think Zotonic (http://zotonic.com/) is worthy of menion. It's a 
very interesting CMS. It is written in erlang (see 
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erlang_%28programming_language%29) and is 
incredibly fast. Admittedly, you do have to work to set it up, but it 
seems that it could have a very interesting future.

Best wishes,


On Thu, Jul 26, 2012 at 10:13:31AM +0100, Mick Fuzz wrote:
> Hi there,
> I'm doing some work for Tactical Tech researching if the tools that they
> included in Message in a Box and Mobiles in a box are still relevant and
> if there are other ones that should be researched.
> To see all the tools mentioned in a big list, they are in messages
> http://messageinabox.tacticaltech.org/toolist and mobiles:
> http://mobiles.tacticaltech.org/lookattools.
> I'm on the case with the existing tools but it would be great to get in
> put on some of the newer tools out there that are useful. A lot has
> changed since 2008 - including Android tools.
> You would be doing me a favour supporting some work I'm doing but this
> info will also be useful for the Tech Tools for Activism website /
> leaflet too.
> I've created a wiki page or just email back the list with the name of
> the tool if it's a just a name you want to share.
> http://hacktivista.net/hacktionlab/index.php/New_tools_for_2012
> nice one
> Mick
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