[HacktionLab] Drupocalypse v3 Can it ever stop

Mike Harris mike.harris at xtreamlab.net
Fri Apr 27 07:18:58 UTC 2018

On 2018-04-26 23:36, Kate Dawson wrote:
> Well I only post them here, because there was a some years ago a few
> people interested in developing drupal sites (e.g. ttfa.net  (not
> drupal now)). It was a critical update, that came out at short notice.
> It does seem that some people make reasonable living from building and
> maintaining Drupal; and if Drupal sites are maintained and regularly
> patched they can make great web applications.
> Sadly, I can't build and maintain Drupal (gave up around D5), and the
> people I know with Drupal sites don't have the money or time to 
> maintain
> and patch them, so it doesn't really work for me!
> I'm currently contacting clients with various flavours of unmaintained
> Drupals, and giving the ultimatum. Fix it or move on! Fixing involves,
> choice of ...
> 1. Archive and convert to static html
> 2. Migrate to a wordpress
> 3. Phone number of a local Drupal developer.
> It seems harsh, but... When you've got a webservers, full of ancient 
> PHP5
> apps, each on a £5 a month hosting package, sometimes the owners need a
> reminder that "cool URI's don't change" isn't the same as deploy and
> forget.
> Hope that's OK

I think that's more than OK, and have the same problem with hosting 
ancient web sites that are not maintained by their owners.  I end up 
maintaining them myself, for free.  It's not worth it.

(note to self: stop doing this).

> Kate
> On Thu, Apr 26, 2018 at 04:41:06PM +0100, Mike Harris wrote:
>> Thanks Kate.
>> I for one am officially sick to death of Drupal.  I've ditched all but 
>> one
>> of the few sites I had in it in favour (for now at least) of static 
>> sites, which are much, much, much, quicker, much easier to manage, and 
>> don't
>> get these horrible security issues occurring on days when I've decided 
>> to
>> turn my head away from some security mailing list.
>> Long live HTML!
>> Mike.

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