[imc-uk-emergency] Guy Smallman seriously injured photographing G8 Summit protests

Molly Cooper molly.photos at ntlworld.com
Mon Jun 2 17:41:16 BST 2003

Dear photographers
Some of you may know, but Guy Smallman, a photographer who was at the 20 
May meeting, has been seriously injured covering the G8 protests in 
Geneva. He was photographing a demonstration which was attacked by the 
german riot police, and they threw a stun grenade at him at point blank 
range. He is currently in hospital in Sweden. See fuller report below.

To follow up from the 20 May meeting, and to build on the ideas that came 
out of it, also to discuss what happened to Guy, I wondered if some 
photographers fancied meeting up, sometime either this week or next? It 
would just be an informal get together, in a coffee shop in Central 

Also, the next London Freelance Branch Meeting is on June 7th, the 
subject for discussion is NUJ Training provision, what is on offer from 
the professional training department, and what Freelance training 
provision there should be.

Look forward to hearing from you, 

Cheers Molly.

A group of peacefull demonstrators: consisting of a variety of groups from
> ngos, elderly people, children and people in wheeel chairs etc were on
> their way back on the main road from Geneva, returning from the 100.000
> people peacefull and colorful demonstration against the G8 summit. 
> Suddenly, various vans from the German police arrived to the location,
> loudly speaking in megaphones, in a very agressive mode cut off all the
> streets, making police lines everywhere, and trapping the returning
> demonstrators and by passers in the city into one place. 
> The police prooved to be out of control, insulting, provoking, shouting
> and shooting at people for no reason. In full riot gear, carrying guns,
> and firing teargas and concussions granates. 
> 3 Swizz representatives from the Anti-G8 demonstration organization tried
> uncessfully to speak to the police. 
> Simultaneously, a group of 10 black block and TIKB members, began throwing
> stones further down the street, down the hill. The police began charging
> in that direction - and also from other back streets behind - down and up
> the hill. 
> Returning demonstrators, by passers and others including the IMC UK
> reporter began to run for rescue out of the firing line. 
> The police fired deliberately in their direction a rain of 20-30
> concussions granates as they were running up some stone stairs for
> protection. 
> Just as IMC UK repoter was running up the stairs - from a few meters
> distance, approx less then 10 meters, a granate was fired onto his leg,
> tearing off the back of his left leg beneath his knee. 
> At this point the German riot police was absolutely not only out of
> control, but beyond themeselves and continued violent attacks and charging
> towards peaceful demonstrators. A group of demontsrators took courage and
> run into the police line shouting 'stop we have people seriously injured
> here' and asking to negotiate with police officer in command. 
> It took a good hour or more before ambulance arrived, and police kept
> shouting abusive remarks and insults to injured IMC UK reporter.
> Demonstartors kept him company all through. 
> At the location corporate press journalists, TT Reuters and ASP, that were
> trapped at the same åplace in the same streets kept asking why? why this?
> dont undertsand why are the police doing this? 
> Arriving to the hospital, the Geneva main hospital medic team, gave
> confiemed information that a large number of people had been seriously
> injured by concussion granates in the passed day in Geneva. 
> Current condition of injured reporter: 
> After 2 hours operation, yesterday in Geneva, where the medical team has
> been trying to reconstruct his muscles, and as the first of a series of
> operations to be expected, in order to graft back nervs, muscles and skin
> in his leg. 

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