[matilda] Facilitation and Consenus Training

Anthony Mullen ant_mullen at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 16 18:36:29 BST 2005

Dear all,
       I personally believe that to work in groups
(especially large ones) on a non-heirarchical basis,
we need to be thinking and employ structures that
bring out the best in everyone, allow maximum
participation and do the upmost to avoid invisible
       There is a model that attempts to do this -
known as consenus decision making.  Consenus Decision
Making is a tool - and it can involve lots more than
just saying we are not voting and noone is in charge. 
Like most tools people have to learn how to use it.

Seeds for Change (www.ssedsforchange.org.uk)provide
'Training for Grassroots Activism' and have offered to
run a 'Consensus Decision Making and Faicilitation'
Workshop / Day School (call it what you will) tailored
for our particular group.  They'll run this for travel
expenses from Lancaster.

The best date I reckon would be next Saturday 12noon
to 5pm, but they could make either Friday or Sunday. 
Are people up for this?  Is Saturday 23rd a good date?
How many people are up for it (if there are more than
12 people they will probably need a second trainer)?

I've said I will give them an answer on Tuesday.


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