Grand Matilda opening night 27th Oct, was: Re: [matilda] Notes from the meeting on 17th October 2005

Chris chris at
Wed Oct 19 08:49:31 BST 2005


On Wed 19-Oct-2005 at 02:40:21AM +0100, Steve Against the War wrote:
> >> became apparent that the opening night of Art 05 on
> >> 27th October is actually going to be *the* Matilda opening
> >> night...!
> Hmmm, I'm not sure everyone agreed to this idea.

Sure... there were only half a dozen people left at this

> Chris> We could get as a more permanent domain
> Chris> name...
> Yeah, though the easier to remember the better. Having said the only
> www.matilda domains that are left are and
> ?? Well I guess we're limited in a certain way.

But we would have to be a Limited company called Matilda
to apply for this domain name, same for the PLC...


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