[noborders-brum] unsubscription, was Re: phunkees post

Shiar shiar at riseup.net
Sun Oct 12 17:45:08 UTC 2008

Ok hub13, now that you've exercised your 'right to response', and clearly
expressed that you're not interested in working with phunkee and mike, who
form a core part of the birmingham noborders group, much as they wouldn't
work with you, i don't think there is anything left for you to do on this
list. Besides, this's getting silly again and i don't think it's the ideal
use of the list.

So, as list admin, i am hereby kindly asking you to unsubscribe to this
list. Note that this is a collective decision that has been discussed off
list by the rest of the collective (or what remains of it). I'll give you
48  hours to do that, after which, if you haven't done it, i'm afraid i'm
gonna have to do it myself.

Take care,


On Sun, October 12, 2008 9:37 am, hub13 at riseup.net wrote:
>> This list was intended to be for announcements from Noborders
>> Birmingham.
>> It's clearly not the place to rehearse these arguments again and again.
> Nothing has been rehearsed. Again and again? Nonsense.
> There can be no lessons from phunkee about appropriate use of this or
> other lists. That I reject. Is there no depth of hypocrisy and
> manipulation to which you will not sink? I have made precisely one post on
> this subject, whereas you have used this list to publish a set of lies
> about me in a clear, open and unashamed attempt to disrupt an emergency
> anti-deportation campaign, and this is typical of your behaviour.
> I have never responded to this until now, but I'm afraid if you and Mike
> choose to use this list to publish lies about us, then a right to reply is
> basic. You do not have a monopoly on the truth, nor can you get away with
> allowing only your side of any story to be told.
>   We are merely being reactive, we have not sought or promoted any
> conflict.
>> It's now very clear, that active members of this Noborders collective do
>> not want to work with you and that's our prerogative.
> Er, that's not under dispute. You seem to think we seek some alternative
> to this. That is not or never will be the case, unless we deem it
> absolutley necessary. We would not work with, or frankly turn our backs
> on, either you or Mike. You have sought to work with us once over the last
> year by requesting use of the banners. We have not sought to work with you
> once since the latter days of the Cottage occupation some two years ago.
> Where you get the notion we want to work with you from is a mystery to me.
> The problem is that you have for at least two years extemporised your
> perogative into an active hate campaign. This is hardly a secret, but it
> must be challenged and resolved.
>> Could you please respect our wishes and leave us alone to get on with
>> the
>> activism and campaigning we're committed to.
> Again, the shameless hypocrisy of this man astonishes me. With regard to
> ourselves, he is not interested in truth. He is interested in power.
> please note that if this wasn't an activist related matter I would not be
> bothering emailing like this - I would be instructing solictors to write
> to you with certain demands regarding your criminal and unethical activity
> towards me and V  - to wit, libel and harrasment. This does not affect my
> statutary rights.
> I care too much about the movement to take such obvious, if
> state-involving action, ie. legal action. I am forced to take this action
> instead; in other words, my selflessness is your protection.
>   It is certainly a bizzare situation to be put in on a No Borders list
> and I trust that after all allegations have been refuted I shall never
> have to do this again.
> I do not propose to spend too much time providing evidence against the
> straightforward lies told about me and Val by phunkee and mike. I simply
> say that i refute utterly the allegations that i have been kicked out of
> multiple social centres, or that we 'moved in' to the Cottage Socila
> Centre. They are falsehoods and fabrications and can easily be shown up.
> However, it is not for us to disprove these bizzare, fairly-tale
> allegations. It is for the perpetrators of the lies to back them up with
> evidence. if not, they must withdraw them.

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