[noborders-brum] unsubscription, was Re: phunkees post

Shiar shiar at riseup.net
Tue Oct 14 11:45:24 UTC 2008

Hi Felipe,

On Mon, October 13, 2008 8:11 pm, Molina Felipe wrote:
> May I ask why Hub 13 has been unsubscribed from the list?

The list is openly archived. You can follow the discussion there. I'm not
planning on repeating all that! The short version is that he was abusive
and disruptive on the list, and had been warned many times without getting
anywhere, so hence the decision to unsubscribe him.

> Just because he doesn't want to work with Phunkee and Mike, and vice
> versa,
> isn't a legitimate reason for taking him off the list.

See above.

> Both Mike and Phunkee are still on the Food not bombs list (which Hub13
> and
> V are part of) and have been free to announce any of their events freely
> and
> without any attack on themselves or their projects.

You can't really describe what hub13 has been doing as using the list for
announcements, can you? And anyway it's up for that list's moderators to
decide whether to keep or take anyone off their list if they think they
are abusing it. It's not like we're swapping favours!

> Just because Hub 13 doesn't work with Mike or Phunkee doesn't means he
> doesn't make appropriate use of the list. Correct me if Im wrong but I
> felt
> it was appropriate use of the list when he made a call-out to support an
> anti-deportation campaign. This was then destructively undermined by
> phunkee.

Although this is a misrepresentation, he wasn't unsubscribed then, for
doing that.

> Or has Hub13 been unsubscribed because he dared to respond to the
> relentless
> attacks on him and V, which have been going on for years. He has done
> nothing to warrant this. In fact it all feels like a set up.

Yeah, there is a conspiracy! Whatever..
And note that he did have the 'right to play', but misused that right too

> I am deeply disappointed at the behaviour of the core group of Brum no
> Borders. A great injustice has been committed. Some people can write
> massive
> posts attacking others, but people on the receiving end arent able to
> reply
> back without being banned. Where is the justice and freedom of speech?

"A great injustice"! "Freedom of speech"! Don't know what to make of this
tbh. It just reminds me of some trolls on Indymedia that use this sort of
words when they complain about hiding their crap.

> Am I at risk now of being unsubscribed because I have spoken out?

No, but if you insist on continuing this thread, we might need to discuss
that as this's getting really silly and other people are finding it
frustrating, if they haven't already left.
If you consider that 'undemocratic', dictatorial' or whatever, well it's
up to you but people have better things to do.

> I hope this message gets to everyone as the previous one I sent was
> rejected
> by the moderator. Ive copied it below.

You're not moderated. And you can see, your other email got through
without any moderation. The reason why your previous email was put on hold
is probably because you BCCed someone else, or something like that, and
most lists don't allow that for security reasons. And then it was probably
lost among the spam and mistakingly rejected (the list is spammed
massively and this kind of mistakes could happen when lists memebers don't
use it properly.) I do apologise.

(i hate being a moderator of dysfunctional lists!)

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