[Ssf] Fallujah: murder televised on TV

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Thu Nov 11 21:47:59 GMT 2004

I also heard two US helicopters got taken out today!

As for Dave's comment I can't say I'm exactly surprised. The BBC are
constantly lying in attempts to justify the war.

Here's an interesting example from an Indymedia article

BBC is Legitimising Mass Slaughter of Fallujah:


The BBC's lunchtime news anchor, Anna Ford, opened today's news with
this solemn announcement:

"Iraq's prime minister, Iyad Allawi, has said he has given American
and Iraqi forces the authority to clear Fallujah of terrorists."
(Ford, BBC 1, 13:00 News, November 8, 2004)

Almost everything in this statement is false: Allawi is not the
legitimate prime minister of Iraq, he is an American-installed stooge.
Allawi did not give authority to US forces to attack Fallujah - +they+
are the authority in Iraq, Allawi is their mouthpiece. The US goal is
not to "clear Fallujah of terrorists"; it is to crush Iraqi resistance
to US control of their country.



The fact that such a senior figure at the BBC should reply at
length shows just how defensive broadcast journalists are when accused
of presenting the establishment view of current events. They really do
feel they are "good people" providing "impartial" reports (see below).
This pressure on the media is very important. I would urge people to
visit the MediaLens website regularly and when you see a news bulletin
or current affairs programme which particularly infuriates you (where
to start?), write to the jounalists and editors involved (MediaLens
provides email addresses). You will be surprised how often you get a
reply (but not by how often you do not!). Send copies of all your
emails and any replies you receive to MediaLens:  editor at medialens.org. 


Dan> Have you seen what else is going on around Iraq? -

Dan> US-led troops find three Iraqi contractors and an Iraqi taxi-driver in
Dan> Falluja believed to be held as hostages

Dan> At least 17 people are killed in a car bomb in a busy Baghdad shopping area

Dan> Masked insurgents in northern Mosul attack several police stations and
Dan> loot weapons and ammunition, before setting at least two of them on
Dan> fire. The attacks prompt US strikes against suspected rebel targets

Dan> Kirkuk Governor Abdulrahman Mustafa escapes an assassination attempt in
Dan> the northern city, but several people are injured in the bomb attack on
Dan> his convoy.

Dan> Can we call it a 'descent into chaos' yet? Nah! As Laura Bush says, "I
Dan> truly believe that Iraq is becoming a democracy." Hey, perhaps if we all
Dan> believe enough! And anyone that doesn't believe, well... we can just
Dan> shoot the fuckers!

Dan> Dan

Dan> dave thompson wrote:

>> Hello,
>> I have just witnessed a murder on tv and on Sky news
>> at least, the journalist condoning the murder..
>> dt
>> During the battle for Fallujah, they showed a marine
>> saying, “I’ve just injured one, he’s between the two
>> buildings”. At that moment another marine walks over
>> to the gap between the two houses, he then climbs on a
>> forty four gallon drum aims his gun at the injured
>> Iraqi and fires one shot.
>> The Sky reporter: the veteran David Chater, whose
>> report incidentially did not include the caveat, that
>> it was 'compiled under U.S military restrictions' just
>> says something like: 'they cannot risk suicide bombers
>> blowing themselves up'
>> I am writing to them for the transcript unless someone
>> on here knows exactly what he said.
>> So there we have it, a major crime, a wounded man
>> executed and then endorsed by a British TV journalist
>> And they call it a war for civilisation...
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