[Ssf] Fallujah: murder televised on TV

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Fri Nov 12 19:15:15 GMT 2004

Cuthbert>   The only real option is direct action which has 
unfortunatly been effectively condemned by the stop the war coalition.

[rant]Have to say I'm getting a little tired of all the STW bashing 
around and abouts. The SWP (and some other members of this politico 
group or that, but not all thankfully) believe that direct action is 
not going to get the masses along, they are after all a political group 
and thus compromise for political gain. They quite happily block roads (
which accomplishes bugger all in my view) when they feel the 'time is 
right'. In Shef and nationally SWP have usually had the majority in the 
movement (tho' often in Shef only by one or two people) which has led 
to the feeling this is 'just the way STW is', which is not the case. If 
people don't like STW as it is then they could come along and change 
the movement, or if they don't fancy the stress, form another one (as 
suggested I think). But the main problem is that the numbers of people 
who turn out for anything tend to be small. There was an idea for a 24 
hour vigil which I liked, but who will turn up? Alison proposed we 
argue for walk outs from work, but who will get involved? (based on the 
last time we asked for walk outs not a lot). So rather than bashing STW 
or SWP or anyone else who at least *tries* I would suggest people bash 
all the lazy f********QW"£E$ who sit on their arse sucking up the 
comfortable lifestyle given to them and who would never work towards a 
better world because they are too busy stuffing their face with the 
blood and tears of their fellow humanity [/rant].

There was Grass Roots Opposed to War which was planned as a direct 
action group, but think that folded cos of lack of interest (atw?). The 
social forum could of course spin off a peace/anti-war group. The 
strength of the social forum model is no need for the majority voting '
united front' led from London type thing - just what people want to do. 
Even if an action just makes one person thinks about the world in a way 
they haven't before then it's worth it (that's what I keep telling 
myself anyways:) so small groups are not the problem, all protest is 
good, it just won't be the mass movement most on the 'left' want.

On another point, whats the "Peace in Troubled Time" thing about Dan? 
Have not heard about it.

Cheers and love to you all,


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