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None of this would be an issue if the police actually did their f**king
jobs. As it is, the people responsible for some of the worst acts of
violence in the city stay walking because the police are too afraid to
tackle them.

With the new SIA legislation, doorstaff have their hands increasingly tied
and the emphasis is shifting to surveillance and the police dealing with
more (generally minor) incidents.

More idiots are willing to carry (and use) weapons, for 'wespec. The
police's attitude to this is surveillance surveillance surveillance. Sure,
they'll tackle a few of the plastic gangsters who are easy targets, but you
can forget it if these people are serious (or - sadly - armed and incredibly
stupid/egotistical). The police's continued inconsistency in this regard
will only encourage vigilantism (see for example the headlines today in the
Telegraph, raising the issue of people being able to use 'any means' to
defend their homes/selves from an intruder).

For my part I want a discount on my council tax as I still see people who
should have been imprisoned years ago walking around the city (or more
usually driving their uber-expensive cars).

At our mast protest last week (details of which you may have seen in the
Star), they pulled at least 26 officers (my count) away from the Sheffield
United vs Nottingham Forest (those of you who keep an eye on the football
firms know that this is a particularly volatile pairing),match to deal with
us troublemakers.

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>   The thing is that gun crime is a growing problem in sheffield  but i am
> sure that the way to deal with it is not to presume guilt on everyone,
> those that go to the quiet clubs where there isnt any trouble.  I suppose
> this is the problem when the police make their own laws.  I was also
> concerned when the article mentioned the fiming of people inside the clubs
> so they can "observe links".  I am the type of person that not many people
> forget so often people often walk over and say hi, this doesnt mean that i
> am 'involved' with them.  I guess that it is part of this erosion of
> 'innocent untill proven guilty' that has culminated in ID cards and such
> like.
> It gets abit more worrying when further down the article it mentions that
> private companies will record everyone who goes through thier doors and
> keep the information in a database.  It makes ID cards seem almost
> when this type of system is already in place.  Then again many draconian
> measures have been put in place to stop crime and soon enough they find
> other people to use them on (e.g. animal rights protestors).
> for now
> cuthbert
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> >"There is an element of big brother about it, but it will make sure
> >is hurt. It is needed to enable people's safety and ensure a genuinely
> >clubbing experience.
> >"I can understand if some people complain about it but I would rather use
> >Draconian measures and make sure everybody is safe
> >
> >yes, noone noone, this further shows that Little Britain has become a
> >paternalistic and patronising nation-state,
> >this episode seems symptomatic, and if you'd allow me some abstract
> >thought, would only lead to more repressed violence in the middle and
> >long-term.
> >A translator friend of mine, when discussing British excess of
> >concerning every issue of daily life, said: "That is why they (young
> >British visitors) break every rule when they come down to Ibiza and here
> >they behave as they do". Well, from an insider point of view, this will
> >certainly not harm local life. But ... increased need of control, why?
> >further shows that "father" ("pater-nalistic") is becoming insane. Why?
> >US-like policies being applied? i don't know,
> >
> >the above may not sound gentle enough, nor grateful enough, coming from a
> >non British person (myself, amparo), but what the hell, sometimes one
> >manages to think, and compare.
> >
> >
> >By the way, but completely another issue: The Sheffield Gazette reports
> >that thousands of pounds have been awarded to a Burngreave writing fund,
> >very recently. Sorry can't find the paper issue right now. Also, a woman
> >has been chronicling Burngreave life for the last 3 years, her picture
> >appears on paper.
> >
> >Nice to hear again from you
> >
> >amp
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