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mozaz yet again distorts my message, the problem is that it seems he cant 
help it.


>From: escafeld old <oldescafeld at yahoo.com>
>To: ssf at lists.aktivix.org
>Subject: [ssf] Democracy..
>Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2005 05:19:08 -0800 (PST)
>3. I only said I thought (because of style) that 0742
>was you - this is  a method you have used before.  I
>also said I'd be happy to be proved wrong - for 0742
>to call me on 07968 997861.  (Said that three times
>now.)  Besides which, 0742 can't be moderated until we
>agree it at a meeting, and I don't think everyone
>agrees with me.
>Here we go againe: I now find 0742 Modrated even
>though here
>it reads Besides which, 0742 can't be moderated until
>we agree it at a meeting, and I don't think everyone
>agrees with me.
>So why was this post modrtaed?
>doing what people have asked of line to
>worldwarfreatriseup.net this debate now moves there
>please mark any e mail regrds this subject 0742 and it
>will goto that folder: urbanparanoia are due another
>meeting wed: this is where ill talk about comments
>events etc of the last few days and then if a need
>reply to this list: sory if this has caused any upset
>that was not the intent and i hope this is understood:
>nuff said:
>mozaz aka 0742
>Here is the so called reson?
>Hi Mozaz,
>I don't see much point in letting this email through.
>As you have said a few times 'nuff said' :)
>BTW Can you remember you telling you last Friday, that
>the person I thought was most responsible for having
>you moderated was me.
>Dunno why you picked on Dan. As I remember Dan argued
>against moderating you. And Dan does loads of good
>stuff and could do with out your messing
>Good to see you last night ... where we're the rest of
>you ? :) busy i guess :) Hope to see you tomorrow.
>I know this will piss people of off however i thought
>the sf project was about Democracy: Instaed againe i
>find my post being Modrated: Here is what cuthburt
>Having not checked my emails since the weekend i read
>the emails and find that instead of reading emails
>about all this great stuff that we are doing
>very soon and all this progress we are making i find
>that the ssf list has been yet again taken over by a
>mozaz centred debate.  I find that mozaz has
>decided to compare dan to the nazis.  (I reccomend
>that mozaz read the book by nick cohen called "pretty
>straight guys" it has a chapter all about the
>nazis and the holocaust.)
>   This group cannot actually do anything while we are
>stuck in this situation.  I for one dont want to have
>a big debate about the state of mozaz, maybe an elist
>should be set up so that those that do want to have
>this debate can.  The thing that wories me is that for
>all we know people are finding out about the ssf,
>going on the werbsite, going on the archives
>of the elist and finding that there is this guy called
>mozaz who seems to dominate whatever is going on.
>They are probably thinking 'I don't have time for
>this' and to be fair i am starting to think exactly
>the same thing.
>There is no ill feeling on my part, i am only thinking
>of how we can practically move on.
>for now
>I could not agree more:
>Here is what Dan wrote of list:
>It's been suggested that M-related discussion, as much
>as possible,
>happens off-list.  That'll be you, me, adam and maybe
>Deacon Dave.
>Obviously, I've included Mozaz in this so's he knows
>we're not conspiring.
>How do you feel about this?
>Lets move this to the next meeting:
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